Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Fox and the Hound

I'm not sure if the blistering heat is making me look forward to Autumn or if I'm just accustomed to living in such a frigid climate that I am utterly beside myself when the sun actually shines. Either way, I have begun to long for Fall.  This painting of little Chloe was painted for a client of mine last fall, therefore it is representing my hunger for hot apple crisp, brisk nature walks, and reading mystery novels by the fireside. I drew inspiration from the style of Ralph Lauren and the traditional English Fox Hunt.

If you click on the  image below, you will be directed to the treasury that I created around this painting of Chloe. 
"I'd like to draw you out. You've rather a look of another world about you.." - Lord Rochester

If you like these images and want to browse through more of this nature, please visit the tumblr page from which they originated:

I am hoping that this post will inspire me to finally post on several estates that I want to share with my readers. I had the most amazing time that I will be disappointing myself if I do not record the visits. Hopefully you'll see more soon.
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