Tuesday, July 24, 2012

"Wakeful dreamers"

I am not sure if Notting Hill was the first time I heard of Chagall. The film represents Anna Scott and William Thacker as having the same artistic taste. She even gives him an original Chagall painting of La Mariée as a peace offering. I don't know if this is where it began, but making the connection with Marc Chagall and Notting Hill makes me love Chagall's work even more.
As with many artists, there is vast symbolism with Chagall's paintings.
I used Chagall's "I And The Village"(above) to inspire the choices in my painting below.

Early sketch (above). For the actual painting I used black paper and mixed medium which I was really pleased with. I also happen to love these colours and had a pleasant time painting this. Hours always fly by when I paint.
"And everybody says 'you can't-you can't-you can't-don't try'. Still everybody says 'If they had the chance they'd fly'...like we dooooo--oo-oo."
To view more paintings by Chagall whilst listening to a song called "Painting by Chagall," please enjoy this video featuring the musical stylings of The Weepies.
Also, if you ever find yourself in Reims, France in the near future, you could be fortunate enough to see this in person in the Reims Cathedral:
Image by Peter Lucas- Design of windows by Marc Chagall


As we've previously established, I will eventually be on an episode of Hoarders due to my various collections that I find painstakingly impossible to let go of (Bonnie Bell Lipsmacker cases, Little Pet Shop food, My Little Pony hairbrushes, etc...) .  While I am waiting for the call from A& E, I will continue to collect crap.

My father recently attempted to offend me by calling me a rat. After all, I do have drawers and boxes packed to the brim with scraps of paper.

But his scare tactic failed--cause, I happen to LOVE RATS!!!

Nice try, DAD.

Come on, what's there not to love?!?
Rizzo...Hugh Jackman as a Rat...Rataouille...real rats...RATAGAN!

Oh, my goodness! Bursting with glee...They are so cute!!!

Then you have this little "Monster Man."

Thanks to Crainium.net I was able to relive the last time vh1 made me laugh! Such a classic!

But good luck trying to find a rat that can "move and shake like THIS!"

Here are two of the collages that I have made while behaving like a rat.


Trollbeads Trunk Show Sign

To purchase Trollbeads in the Duluth, Minnesota area, you can visit Lotus On the Lake located in the Fitger's complex: 600 E. Superior Street, Duluth, MN 55802 or call : 218-481-7110
Here's a recent sign I drew:

Have you heard of Trollbeads? They are a little like Beanie Babies-- that is if Beanie Babies were made of glass and in the shape of a bead, I suppose. Each bead has a name and a little meaning to go along with it.

I know it doesn't sound like they are similar, but they have quite the following with women as did the '90's craze that is to blame for the destruction of my savings account.

There are even retired beads and beads that are hard to find like the Royal Blue Elephant was. How can one not draw a comparison?

Regardless of their apparent likeness, here is a sign I enjoyed drawing.

Keep Calm & Count Down

Only 142 days to go folks!

Additionally, I won't make the mistake of passing on this next time I come in contact with it...

Seriously, what is my deal?!?! This is such a great edition!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Titanic Party

This post is outrageously overdue. I intended to have it posted the day after the party, but hours turned to days, days to weeks, and eventually 4 busy months later it has finally come to fruition!

It wasn't difficult to decide that my love of the epic film Titanic had to be commemorated by having a themed costume party on the centennial anniversary of the last dinner on the Titanic. It had to happen, because, frankly, I don't plan on being around for the Bicentennial and when is another excuse to throw a Titanic themed party going to come along. It was easily settled that this party would occur on the 14th of April and a smattering of close friends and family agreed to go along with my obsessive Titantics (hehe). They humoured me for an evening and in return I was blessed with a milestone event that will forever be synonymous with my 20's.

Here is a glimpse of the invitations.
The design was adapted from a image by Antonella from 2008...I pretty much just added the "Come Aboard"...Antonella, Leo & Kate did the rest. 

For the interior design I used an image from my favourite tumblr page Period Films &c  to frame the content of the invitation.

Notice how "Formal Edwardian attire" was suggested. I really love any excuse to dress up when it's not Halloween. I also force those around me to feel this way. Sorry if I get a bit pushy with it (I even rented costumes and all sorts of accessories for my guests to dress up with). Some say I go a little overboard --"Sorry, you just seem like more of an ...indoor girl."
Here's the loading dock. (I planned on making White Star Line tags, but time got away from me.)

My darling friend, Makayla was clearly elated as she boarded! I always tell her, I remember hearing about her when the movie was originally in theatres, back when we were kids. She was known as the girl who saw Titanic in theatres "20 times!" All those viewings paid off when she won the trivia game later in the night.

Love the feather in Hannah's hair! Here are the lovely Chippewa Falls Lindbergs. They were also guests at my 1st Titanic Party 14 years ago and may love the movie even more than I do.
Ladies in the First Class Lounge "congratulating themselves on being masters of the universe"--actually, I have no idea what they were talking about. It was probably more interesting and modest than that if I had to guess.
My attempt at the Grand Staircase.
You're right. Your eyes are not deceiving you. Why, yes, those are cherubs affixed to the staircase. I thought they looked Edwardian at the time.
Tracy & Hannah dressed to the nines and looking dazzling!
Makayla and I early on in the evening. My Le Cœur de la Mer replica necklace matches her vintage gown!

Rose's butterfly comb was also present at the party as well as other fancy accessories. I even had a book with the fashions of 1912 set up in the water closet to inspire guests.
This photograph shows one of my favourite details about the party. Dana made her very own chapeau having followed the difficult methods of millnery. Isn't it striking? I love it!!!   She was also a winner of a door prize (Claude Monet "Waterlilies" poster "Look at his use of colour.")

I have a few regrets this evening. One, is that I do not feel like I took enough pictures of the delicious dinner my mom prepared.  I was able to capture the asparagus salad and the fruit, but unfortunately that was it.  I know we had the creamed carrots, chateau potatoes, chocolate eclairs, and some other entrees that I can't recall, but we finished them off before I could snap their picture.

"So serious." Here's Mom, Tracy, my Aunt Nancy (from Seattle!) and my Dad.
Elegant ladies!
You can see the portholes I made in the picture below. Another feature I forgot to capture closer. We enjoyed great company and conversations by candlelight. Makayla had music playing for us that would have been playing during the dinner in 1912.

And, here are some gorgeous ladies! This was probably sometime during the trivia game which featured questions like : "What occupation does Rose’s mother fear she may have to resort to?" and "What lake did Jack fall through while ice fishing with his father?" It was close competition..."Bleedin' close."
Here are some more gorgeous ladies!
Here is my beautiful mom announcing what we could expect for our dinner. She was preparing the food for hours that day right up to the last minute.
Wow, we should have a caption contest for this next one. He loves to entertain. My dad even dressed up and indicated when we should take the moments of silence to remember those who lost their lives and those who's lives would never be the same. Very thoughtful;)

Jody and Makayla were not only elegant and refined, but proved they knew their Titanic trivia!
They recently returned from the UK. Their brilliant smiles give them away for they had quite the time, so I hear.

Here is my ever-encouraging, beautiful cousin, Leah. Moreover, she is the definition of urbane.

Here's a pseudo-candid photograph of me enjoying my dinner. ;)

 Sarah Dawson and Becca! Beautiful gir--women, aren't they? What a great group!

Alright, alright, pretty sure there weren't peace signs on the Titanic...Pretty sure those didn't even exist yet!

 I had a fit of maniacal laughter after altering this picture. You must know that my brother, James would not be caught dead at one of my costume parties --especially in a tuxedo. This was absolutely Photoshopped.."He shines up like a new penny."

 Tracy and Katie, darlings!
 I loved seeing the faces in the background of this picture! Towards the end of the night, I removed my heart of the ocean necklace, then "I put the diamond [a] the coat..." and drew names. Each guest was able to pick a pocket of the many coats in the closet. If they picked the right pocket on the right coat that contained the gem, they could go home with it. After everyone had a chance, Katie picked the correct pocket and got to keep the necklace, although Becca is wearing it in the picture below.

Makayla won my drawing having scored the most points during the trivia game.

 Here's the whole group except my dad who had to be the photographer. Although, it slightly reminds me of the picture at the end of The Shining.
Thank you to everyone involved! I am so indebted to you all for giving me such a divine memory.
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