Thursday, April 12, 2012


Is it just me or do they both have really intense eye brows?

When it was announced earlier this week that former American Idol contestants, Diana DeGarmo and Ace Young were an item, I was wondering if they were just drawn to each other because they have similar brows. I mean, let's hope there's more to their relationship than their weekly visit to the salon for their tandem brow waxing.

It's not just my imagination, right? They're both rocking severe arches somewhat comparable to the Gateway Arch in St. Louis.

Who am I to talk? I've been called Spock before (Thanks, Dad.) so it's not like I have the authority to rip on them and their happy arches.

If we're talking eyebrows, I would have to say the best brows in the biz belong to the following:

Keira Knightley- I would love to have Keira eyebrows. Unfortunately, any attempt to imitate these brows results in my mother uttering the dreaded phrase, "Jana, your eyebrows are TOO dark." Therefore, my Keira-esque brows will remain a pipe dream.

Elijah Wood - He may own the most expressive in Hollywood. I find his brows absolutely adorable and sincere. "Oh, Sam."

Robert Downey, Jr. - His entire essence is steeped in the confident, yet verging-on-the-brink-of-arrogant brow. Plus, he can raise one at a time. ARG!!! WHY CAN'T I DO THAT?!?!!

Without his brows, I no longer understand him or recognize him for that matter. See for yourself. Who is this guy?
To see RDJ and other celebrities sans brows visit the blog celebswithouteyebrows. (Michelle Dockery is a hoot!)

Michael Fassbender - I swear he was born with additional muscles in his eyebrows allowing him to make the most intriguing facials features. For real, next time you are watching one of his movies, notice his brows. You will be amazed. The line, "Do you ever laugh, Miss Eyre?" is a succinct demonstration of his brilliant and dexterous brow ability! (It's not in the scene that is represented below. Although, his brows are marvelous in this scene as well, if I may so myself.)
I would even say Fassbender's brows deserve their own credit.

John Krasinski - If I am being entirely honest, Jim Halpert's eyebrows are the real reason The Office is my favourite TV show. They are imperative to his impeccable comedic timing.
Gromit - Modelled after Buster Keaton, Gromit doesn't talk, therefore he relies heavily on his evocative brow. Oddly enough, I have always found Jim Halpert to be a little like Gromit. Can anyone else see the resemblance?

Then we have our Brows of Honourable Mention:
Hugh Grant - especially in Bridget Jones's Diary. They are nothing short of devious.
Adrian Brody - His brows make me melt.
Brooke Shields - Any list categorizing famous eyebrows would be incomplete without mentioning Ms. Shields. After all, they are her signature feature.

I am sure I have failed to include many iconic brows (Bert, Martin Scorsese, Groucho Marx, etc...)Who would you suggest I list?

Oh, and let's not forget this guy:

'Til next time.

Live long and prosper.

Monday, April 9, 2012

"Ever been to Wisconsin?"

15 years ago that line produced an uproar of laughter that rippled through the audience. Of course, being native to Wisconsin, we all understood what Jack Dawson was referring to and took pride in the fact that he hailed from the ever frigid, Chippewa Falls-- "The Chippewa Falls Dawson."

I'm dying to know if the audience of 2012 will have the same reaction to that line? I am really curious if Titanic is going to captivate another generation with the same impact that it had on me.

Of course, April 14th, 2012 marks a somewhat auspicious occasion for this blogger. As you know, that marks the 100th anniversary of the last time the R.M.S. Titanic saw the light of day.  In honour of this occasion, the momentous James Cameron film will be re-released.

The original theatrical release of this film was a really big deal for me. My best friends and I were the perfect age to be entirely besotted. USA Today even commented on the affect this epic had on the 14 year old girls and I can say with certainty that I was proudly a part of the hysterical & historical Leo-mania.

Yet all of the hype surrounding the new release has opened the flood gates of memories. As I "go back down the main stairwell", I recount what my life was like the last time Titanic was in theatres.

  • I was President of my chapter of The Unofficial Beanie Baby Club. I know, I can't believe it either. What a dork! But someone had to step up to the plate or else there would have been CHAOS!  Do you know how many tags were at risk from being removed PEOPLE!
  • Any time that wasn't absorbed by my presidential duties ("Presidential flashcards?") would be spent making dollhouse furniture. I would spend hours hot gluing straws, marbles, broken jewelry, and noodles together as I constructed a doll house out of straws, marbles, broken jewelry, and noodles. 
  • No sum of money would have made me miss an episode of Wishbone or The Rosie O' Donnell Show.
  • And, most obviously, I could not go five minutes without talking about Titanic.
Naturally, I have maintained a meticulous record of these facts as Beanie Baby Club Presidents often do.
Here is an excerpt from this so-called meticulous record dating back to 1998.
My favourite movie: Titanic (The title is even written in crayon, yet the font is blocky in order to represent the steel riveting of the ship. Outrageously dorky on so many levels.)

My favourite song: "My Heart Will Go On" (duh?)

My favourite thing to do: Pretending and kickball...(Who'd have thunk? What a weirdo!?)

Names I will name my children: If it's a girl, Rose. If it's a boy,  Leonardo.(Wow. Good thing I wasn't expecting.)

Now, I would like to present unsolicited thoughts on the movie when it originally hit the silver screen in plain ol' 2D. Mind you, I wrote this January 25, 1998. (hahahaha, I so wish I was kidding. Like I said, this movie was a really big deal.)

"I could tell you the whole plot of the movie, act it out, or repeat the dialog, but I would rather watch it any day. This is the best movie I have ever seen. I saw Titanic three times in a movie theater (No crap. Where else would I have watched it?!?! Burger King?) and cried every time. I have so many favorite parts (This was back in the day when I didn't pretentiously spell favorite with a "u").  I have the biggest crush on Leonardo DiCaprio (I'm sure I was thinking, "Oh man, this is really gonna win him over!") my mom says I'll probably name my first boy Leonardo and I probably will. I think he is sooooo cute (That's right--with 5 "o's"). I think Kate Winslet is a beautiful actress and very good at that. I think they make a cute couple and kinda thought they might be secretly ingaged  (with an "i" in idiot.), but they arn't (This is just embarrassing on "soooo" many levels.) Anyways, my favorite parts are: Jack is on the bow of the ship looking out at sea (ya got that?). Rose comes up behind him and [says] "Jack, I've changed my mind." and he tells her to be quite and close her eyes and step up on the railing (EEEEEE!!!!).  Then he tells her to hold out her hands and he holds her up there and tells her to open her eyes and she's flying (run on-sentence, much?). 
The sunset is just beautiful and then he wraps his arms around her and they kiss for the first time. Then the sunset fades and the ship has seaweed all over it and they start to fade away and you relize (UGH!) it is the sunken ocean liner."

There's more, but I fear I may never recover from all the humiliation if I were to divulge any further.

I even drew a portrait of them on January 9th, 1998 and signed it like Jack Dawson would sign it. Don't worry, they're still wearing their clothes.
But, when I think about it, not much has changed.

This was drawn just the other day (2012). I'm fully aware that they don't have hands. I'm not finished at this point.
And there's no use in acting like seeing Jack Dawson's costume in person wasn't a big deal. If I remember right, I may or may not have started crying. Truth be told, I also happen to cry when I talk about Justin Bieber, so maybe that's not saying much about this costume encounter. 
The Titanic Movie website has been relaunched as well. It's got a lot going on, but I liked the screen captures that they offered--this being one of them.
And here are a few of the more grittier images from Period Films &c.  There are some really great scenes here. My goodness. Nevermind, they're all great scenes.
And since I live by the rule that one can never have too many screen shots from Titanic on their blog, here are a few more. The bottom image is one I especially love and can be found on
along with other rare photographs from the film.
Just think, exactly 100 years ago from today, people were preparing to board one of the most notorious ships history has ever known. 

Monday, April 2, 2012

Happy Birthday, Mimi & Michael!

How fortunate is Michael Fassbender? He gets to share his birthday with my lovely friend, Miriam!
For years Miriam has expressed that she did not have an interesting celebrity-birthday twin.

Then again, it can be argued that Eugen Sandow and Clement Ader are pretty dang interesting depending on who you ask.

It's gotta be tough when I'm over here, bragging about how I share my day with the likes of Britney Spears, Georges Seurat, Brendan Coyle (Mr.Bates on Downton Abbey), and ahem, Sherlock Holmes (Don't worry, it'll catch on in no time.).

Eugen Sandow and Clement Ader just don't have the same "brag factor."

But finally, we all saw a little film called Jane Eyre around this time last year.  I can safely say it changed my life, but it also introduced us to this Irish gentleman: Michael Fassbender.
He had been in Band of Brothers, Inglorious Basterds, HungerFishtank, A Bear Called Winnie (Seriously, how did I miss that?), and oh so many other films before he appeared on my Jandar (It's pretty much the same thing as a radar...just without the obnoxious sonar bleeps)...Well, it was a pleasant surprise when we learned that this new Byronic hero, the topic of many a conversation, was born on April 2nd!

Huzzah! Alas, a celebrity twin that Miriam could potentially throw a double birthday bash with!

So, to my friend on her special day,

 Mirma, have an extraordinary birthday! You are remarkably radiant inside and out and it is an absolute pleasure to call you my friend!

Happy Birthday!

Sunday, April 1, 2012


Well, this certainly isn't going to quell my fascination with archery anytime soon.

This isn't helping either.
Even as I was driving by a school marquee, the banner read, "Archery Tournament [blah blah blah]..."

I mean, THAT'S gotta be a sign, right? --a sign that I should purchase a hand crafted longbow online for $399, right? Don't worry, I included the link in case one of my readers wins that ginormous lottery jackpot and feels especially it could be an early birthday present for moi...or if anyone wants to snake it from under me and buy it for themselves, I suppose. ;)

Of course, flaming arrows are for the more advanced and I wouldn't expect to incorporate fire for several months--even years from now. But how will we know until I get my hands on a bow and arrows. I could be a natural.
A natural, like K. Cos....
Or Legolas...

There's even going to be a dwarf in The Hobbit who will wield a bow and arrow which is not the traditional weapon for a dwarf. Ah! I can't wait!!!!

Susan's even got one. And a really nice quiver too!

It's like everybody and their brother are archers these days.
Seriously?!?!?! These punks don't even look like they know what they're doing! They're all probably missing an eye now. ...Okay, I take that back. I hope they all have their eyes. (Notice the 3 lefties of the group? That's certainly rare.) I'm sorry, Pucker-face (second from the left) is making me really nervous....Am I the only one?

So, clearly I am not going to be able to forget about archery for sometime.


The clever characters captured my attention the other day.  They are comprised of the font in which they represent. The artist is Matthew G. O---something. Unfortunely, my memory and camera have managed to blur his last name.

To see them in person, visit the Teatre Zuccone. They may still adorn the halls.

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