Monday, October 15, 2012

Hey Bay-Bay!

Here's a card that I drew for one of my best friends!

It's Puppers! "Son-nee."

He's part border-collie, part gentleman and what I would imagine would result if a seal and My Little Pony mated...if that's even possible. He's the apple of my friend's eye and her little Bay-Bay. "Sonny, NO!"
I'll like to do a companion piece to this one, same dog, but in a bonnet thus forever securing my reputation as Angela Martin.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

And the winner of the Ice Box Cards giveaway is...

Congratulations, Jeanne!
On behalf of Ice Box Cards and LaPine Design, we hope you love your new cards!
Thank you to every one who participated!!!
For the most recent line, or more cards from Ice Box Cards, visit here...or here....or maybe here.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Oh, the places I have been...

 When I like where I am, I take a picture of my feet in that location. Here are a few over the past year.
Is this a little morbid? I hope not. Graveyards can be such beautiful places. So sacred. This was also taken in Tennessee during my friend's exquisite wedding on a plantation. (Don't worry, not DURING the wedding...more like during the reception.)

Don't worry, I'm not going to pretend like I know what these figures mean...I think I am looking at graphs?!?! This was on a walk with my Snick...
In a bog.
Naturally, this snowy one is my favourite. Ugh. I miss my german shepherd terribly...especially today.
To see more pictures like these, visit my other post here.

Liking Lichen

 What's there not to like? Green...good.
Mustard and grey...good.

Turquoise and purple...GORGEOUS! I'm painting this right now.
So, who else likes lichen?

2012's Child Evangelism Fellowship Postcard

Here's the latest postcard that I designed for CEF. I just love working with pastels. They're so choice. I used the box of No. 912 Excello Squares by The American Crayon Company based in Sandusky, Ohio. They were given to me by my high school art teacher before he retired. I will always cherish the gesture.
 To view my design from last year, click here.

Jandy Goldsworthy

There's this remarkable land artist, named Andy Goldsworthy. If you haven't heard of him, you need to become informed because his work is stunning. (I think his documentary is available on netflix too--"Rivers and Tides")
And, here are some of my favourite examples of his work:

So, I spent a few days trying to be like Andy Goldsworthy. I don't feel that my results came anywhere close to his brilliance, but I had a blast and can always try to be like Andy in the future.
The first two are works that I made with my cousin, Jill.

This is out of a rhubarb. I had such a great vision for this, but my rhubarb plant was in rough shape this year.

Jill and I made this pattern with pinecones too!

This was made from fish scales and as the video demonstrates, this design was ever fleeting...

Here's another pinecone maze...
And a bit of yellow peeping through some bark.

I must end with this quote, "I like Andy. He is nice to meee!" The End.


This past summer I took an environmental sculpture class. 'Twas loads of fun mainly because I got to use my hot glue gun for every project (I really need a holster for my secret weapon)! One of the assignments required our creativity to be applied towards the creation of a trash person. We all brought plastic bags, empty cans, and miscellaneous garbage as you can see in the background of this first picture. I cut so many aluminum cans that I felt like I was a storm chaser from Twister.
While I worked, the students from another class brought over their colour wheel cookies for us and I wanted to show you how beautiful they were. Note the word "were." I devoured these babies rapidly. I don't think I let anyone else have a chance to have one.

It's tough making a person out of newspaper and ketchup bottles.
I love magazine rolls. You can see other things I've made from rolling periodicals here & here.
So this became her breastplate...
I also discovered my love for telephone wire which I used to drape the piece over her shoulder. It's amazing. I was braiding like crazy and also made the handle to the purse out of it.

I believe she will be on display in some shop in some town someday soon. How's that for a vague description?
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