Saturday, July 6, 2013

A Girl and Her Dog

Here's a sketch of a picture that was taken during Sawyer's puppy stage which I included in my articulated book. It's really nice to think of a time when I could pick him up. He is sure becoming a good lil' guy, although we're trying to tone down some of the "crazy, crazy," that is, in both of us.
Across the way from the sketch of Soy Boy, I included a post card of Beatrix Potter and her dog that I accumulated when I visited her cottage home, Hill Top in the Lake District. I snatched it because I love seeing people I admire with the animals they love.
Like here is the Black Keys frontman, Dan Auerbach with a best friend.
Shania with her beloved, German Shepherd, Tim. Man, I have such a soft spot for Shepherds! This dog was so loyal to her.
Ryan Gosling with George.
McAvoy with a little guy!
MC and Jack. Doesn't Jack look like a little toy?
Krasinski and pug...
Doris Day, an avid dog lover and her huggable, furry friend.
And here's my Soy Sauces as a puppy...It's his birthday today, you know. This picture on the left was taken the same day that the image of him looking over my shoulder was taken. He's definitely grown to be quite the gentleman. Plus, he makes me laugh so much. I mean, how could anyone keep a straight face looking at this lil' character? "YOU JOKE?!"
And here's my Snick. She had such a great smile. I loved this dog as I'm sure you all know.

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