Tuesday, July 24, 2012

"Wakeful dreamers"

I am not sure if Notting Hill was the first time I heard of Chagall. The film represents Anna Scott and William Thacker as having the same artistic taste. She even gives him an original Chagall painting of La Mariée as a peace offering. I don't know if this is where it began, but making the connection with Marc Chagall and Notting Hill makes me love Chagall's work even more.
As with many artists, there is vast symbolism with Chagall's paintings.
I used Chagall's "I And The Village"(above) to inspire the choices in my painting below.

Early sketch (above). For the actual painting I used black paper and mixed medium which I was really pleased with. I also happen to love these colours and had a pleasant time painting this. Hours always fly by when I paint.
"And everybody says 'you can't-you can't-you can't-don't try'. Still everybody says 'If they had the chance they'd fly'...like we dooooo--oo-oo."
To view more paintings by Chagall whilst listening to a song called "Painting by Chagall," please enjoy this video featuring the musical stylings of The Weepies.
Also, if you ever find yourself in Reims, France in the near future, you could be fortunate enough to see this in person in the Reims Cathedral:
Image by Peter Lucas- Design of windows by Marc Chagall


  1. Is that an arrow in Snickers's mouth? :) Love it! I hadn't realized it until now, but I have fond memories of "I and the Village." My art teacher had it hanging in her room throughout my high school career, and I see the style snaking it's way through my past art now that I think about it. Anyway, very inspirational. Great post!

  2. The Weepies! Yes! I love that Chagall was your inspiraton. :) Great painting.


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