Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Little Like Downton

Not too long ago, I attended a voice recital at a house that shall not be named due to photographic restrictions, all of which are kind of silly if you ask me. I was informed that  I could only take pictures as long as someone else was in the frame. Can someone explain that logic to me? And, being asked not to take pictures is a little like someone asking me to stop talking--Always a little pointless...
Here are a few I snapped before I was reprimanded.
This guy probably tattled on me.

Wow, I could live with this on my ceiling.
So, now I'll explain why this experience was a little like Downton. Not only was the house Edwardian, there was a moment that made me feel like I was actually on the show. This man performed a song entitled, "If You Were The Only Girl In The World," which you all know from season 2 of Downton Abbey. (The part when Lady Mary sings to the soldiers and the audience joins in on the refrain.) We all experienced a similar moment. It was chilling.
 They even had the sheet music for us to follow along and recreate that scene.
What I loved about the moment was that afterwards there were several of us who recognized the reenactment and shared our devotion for D.A. Of course, there are still a few people out in the world who utter, "Downtown Abbey?"

There were many talented performers. Graduate Nicole A. did an exceptional job singing "Voi Che Sapete" and looked fantastic too!
Here is the entire ensemble
including the director and piano accompanist.

 The setting felt a little like "Meet Me in St. Louis" too. "I could do the cake walk if Esther does it with me!"

Seriously though, Lord and Lady Grantham, Carson, Mr. Bates, and O'Brien could have been here. They'd blend right in.
My friends afterwards standing infront of a beautiful screen that reminded us of Jane Eyre.
 And wouldn't you know, this would be the picture I'd get in trouble for taking. It must have appeared awfully suspicious for who would ever take a picture of the carpet without some devious plan.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

"I warrant there's a nasty bog nearby."

If I could smell, I would have been like Samwise Gamgee uttering that line, but instead, I had to use my keen spidey senses to guess there was a bog in our vicinity.
So, basically, that meant that I read this sign and followed the leader.
 I don't think I had ever been to a bog before. As we drew near to our destination, I couldn't help but notice the intensity of green all around me. "It's like we're in a lime."

 I felt we were going to run into the Berenstein Bears as we got closer. Didn't they built a fort in a bog in No Girls Allowed?

Can anyone guess who made these?
A classic Jana Wellies were in their element.

 I kind of wanted to tip over and fall into the water like when Frodo falls into the Dead Marshes.

 A frog in a bog. So fitting.

 This was a pitcher plant. Also, a carnivorous plant...
I was lucky I made it out alive.
Can't wait for my next trip to a bog!

Ice Box Cards | 2012 Fall Line GIVEAWAY

We finally finished our latest line of Ice Box Cards! If you would like, you can place an order online at
or find them at Duluth Pack, Piragis in Ely, MN or in Bayfield, WI.
You could win them on my blog!
 LaPine Design would like to giveaway one pack of 8 cards (a value of $20) to a lucky, loyal reader.

All you have to do is leave a comment! Hurray! Oh, and make sure I have a way to contact you if you are a winner!

Giveaway will end September 21st, 2012 at midnight!
Okay, now I will give you a run down on my opinion of each card...
This one is my favourite...clearly because of the German Shepherds.
I like the otters on the canoe. Speaking of otters, have you seen the youtube video of the otters holding hands? You're gonna love it! Also, it should be said, that these campers are wearing Duluth Pack Packs...that sounds redundant.

If you were wondering, they are reading Jack London's The Call of the Wild which happens to be the first chapter book I ever read. If I remember right, I just skipped the words I didn't know, so it wasn't very exciting. I'll have to give that another go someday.

And, this is why I have never kayaked.
The man in the tent is supposed to be my dad...on facebook, of course!
This reminds me of Lord of the Rings...and Brave...both amazing movies.
I love the iron ore ship in this picture.
And, this one is called Ice Dancing. It is supposed to be my parents.

 Oh, and so you know, the actual cards do not contain the Ice Box Cards watermark.

Aren't they cute? Do you have a favourite?

Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Eulogy for My Snickers

What is left of my heart is broken.

I had to say goodbye to my beautiful 14 year old German Shepherd on Thursday.

I don't know how I am still standing. This dog brought so much joy into my life on a daily basis, that now she is gone, I am devastated.

There's no way I could possible articulate how much this dog meant to me. I could never find the words.

Believe me, sentences cannot summarize the time this dog invested in being my shadow.

No language has a vocabulary to describe the loyalty and affection she conveyed every time I came home and wrapped my arms around her.

She would constantly find where I was in the house and check on me to make sure I was okay. If there were times when I wasn't okay, she'd find me and stay by my side. How can I attach those thoughtful actions to a few trite syllables?

 She'd accompany me on car rides (especially whenever I went to my grandparents') and enjoyed walking the neighbourhood with me even when we could only make it around half of the block. She loved to stop and smell every tree and post along the way. Lately, she would stoop to let her head brush against all the lower branches, sometimes even going out of her way to find a branch.

 I could be doing the most mundane task around the house, like blow-drying my hair, and she'd sit in the hallway to keep me company, smiling all the while.

Snicks loved all food. Because of her penchant for food, I called her Snackers, Secretary of Snacks and my little Rataouille. If the fridge was open, Snickers would be there. If someone was even in the kitchen, Snickers would make sure that she would be there just in case any crumb were to accidentally drop to the floor.

I tried to capture the sparkle of her character in countless photographs, sketches, and paintings. I even had videos of her, but they hardly mirror her true likeness. God created a remarkable animal when He made Snickers. People would always tell me that they could see her smile. She had the best smile!

I can say with confidence, she loved me and I loved her. She will be greatly missed for the rest of my days.



I thank the Lord for blessing me with her friendship and love for 13 cherished years.
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