Sunday, January 30, 2011

The 2011 Festival 5.1K

I was asked to design the Festival 5.1K logo for the 4th consecutive year. Yay!  This is only the 3rd year that we've used the shoe print. I feel a little adventurous tilting the tread at a 45 degree angle. I guess I'm just a thrill seeker, what can I say? The decided that they wanted to keep the same font that was used in the previous years. So I threw a bold outline around it to freshen things up.  I'm happy with the periwinkle on the red (race t-shirts will be red.). And I hope the board of the Festival 5.1K and all the contestants will be happy wearing this. What do you think? Did I make the right colour choice? Is it simple enough?

Now to design the poster. Stay tuned. ;)

Saturday, January 29, 2011


Several years ago, I watched a documentary on the lengendary aviatrix and fell under her spell, joining many others who have been fixated on her disappearence. There's something so eerie and unsettling about the fact that they could hear her over the radio transmitter, but she couldn't hear them. And how they never discovered the Electra or any of its wreckage intrigues me to the core. She just vanished.

So, already being familiar with the story, I was a bit skeptical that the film would disappoint, but I remained entertained. It was a delightful bio-pic. I thought Hilary Swank was entirely convincing and that she and Richard Gere had the kind of chemistry that Amelia & George Puttnam would have had.

I thoroughly enjoyed the set decorations. The art deco wallpaper was gorgeous especially in the jungle room, but was noticeable in several scenes. The gold elevator was a highlight of the film for me as well. I wonder if it is truly still in service.

There was a scene where Lady Lindy takes a party of friends on a night-time flight and it looked strangely familiar. Because I'd say it was taken directly from "The Aviator". Call me, Howard Hughes, but it was nearly shot for shot.

And, let me just rave about the font for the poster. I love the how the iconic red scarf was incorporated into the "A". Love that designer...whoever they were.

Overall, I'd say it was a pleasant little bio-pic. It wasn't difficult to follow, a little too lacking in complexity, but the attention to detail and poetic screenplay made it a treat.

The Conspirator

I have only been waiting for this trailer for at least a least. 

If only I lived in the sort of location that would play a movie such as this. (hehe..whenever I say "such as" I feel like that Miss America contestant everyone ripped apart.

So, this has been a long time in the making or maybe it just feels like a long time because I feel like I've been following it since McAvoy signed on. Directed by Robert Redford and stars, James McAvoy and Robin Wright, it takes on the fate of Lincoln's assassins and their families. I've never been a big fan of Ms.Wright and I may be the only person I know that doesn't get nostaligic and gooey over "The Princess Bride", but I'm ready to be impressed and have my opinion of her smashed to oblivion.

As for Mr. McAvoy...well, I've always liked him. (Why haven't I blogged about "Becoming Jane"?)

Here's the best "Becoming Jane" trailer too. Why? Because it's my blog. And it makes me cry. Oh, and the music is from "Little Women" AND "Sense & Sensibility".

Friday, January 28, 2011

On the Street Where You Live

I started doing this 3 years ago. I like to capture where I am when I am happy. These are some of my most cherished moments, mainly captured when I'm travelling or on vacation.

The dirt road that leads to my best friends' house.

The Renaissance Festival. Guest feet appearance by Makayla Luzaich Hagen ;)
The Kitchi Gammi Club - The Hartley Room

The dressing room of The Duluth Playhouse in tap shoes-character shoes on stand by.

The Cape May themed restaurant in Orlando, FL. Have I mentioned that I love umbrellas?

First day of vacation. Bliss. I can just tell my feet are happy.

Same day. They're practically smiling.

Nashville. *Sigh*


Corporate life...and chartreuse.


Bayfield, WI during the Apple Festival - I love autumn and the annual trip to Bayfield.
"Into the Woods" in slippers as pure as gold.

What to Paint, What to Paint?

I'm having trouble deciding how to approach my next painting project. I just have too many options. If you want to help me, tell me what you like or better yet...what you don't like.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

2011 Resolutions.

By now I hope that most people haven't abandoned their New Year's Resolutions. After all, it's only the 26th. Maybe most of you have accomplished what you've set out to do because you are overachievers or maybe you never even made a resolution to begin with. But because I run on JST (Jana Standard Time), I'm just creating mine now and I decided that I would list my goals for this year in a blog post in hopes that someone may hold me accountable if they read this.

My friend, Lisa posted her resolution blog awhile ago. I thought it was a great idea. You can read her's here. It's pretty inspiring.

  1. Have a more consistent quiet time.
  2. Blog 30 times more than last year. So, I'm aiming for 66 posts. After watching "Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog", I feel that I need more of a web presence and honestly want to meet more people through the internet. Plus,it reminded me that I really need to break out into song next time I'm having a dilemma.
  3. Handwrite more notes to people in my life. Not e-mails. Real notes. Let them know I appreciate them.
  4. Send "An Ode to the Sundance Kid" to Robert Redford with a note, of course.
  5. Mosaic. In other words, use all the mosaic supplies that I have been storing up over the years.
  6. Sew my "Saga" pillows. Katie Lindberg, I'm counting on you.
  7. Finish re-upholstering the chair that I've been working on for a year.
  8. Take guitar lessons.
  9. Upload a music video to YouTube. I really need to figure out what song to start with first. It's such a daunting task.
  10. Play out at 3 open mics. Baby steps.
  11. More Books, Less TV.
  12. Talk Less, Listen More.
  13. Co-write a song.
  14. Bake cookies. chocolate chip. 
  15. Get a head start on memorizing my lines for "Into the Woods".
  16. Arrive to events on time. I'm habitually tardy. This seriously needs to change.
  17. Refrain from Splurging. So long, Amazon & iTunes!

The World of Disney From the Eyes of Annie Leibovitz

Aren't these great? All shot by the legendary Annie Leibovitz.  I know they've been around for a while, but they're too magical to not post. What's your favourite?

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