Thursday, August 26, 2010

Godey's Fashions for February & April 1870

I found these at a rummage sale on London Road last May. Aren't they divine? I added a coat of Country White acrylic paint to the frames. Instant charm. Now I just need to find a place to display them.

I thought it would be fitting to post them as I have begun reading Anna Karinina which takes place in the 1870's if I'm not mistaken. I also watched Edith Wharton's The Age of Innocence this past week which occurs in that time period as well. Unfortunately, I was not impressed with the film (mostly the acting...I'm not a Daniel Day Lewis admirer) although the costumes were stunning. It made me want to post on Period Costumes in the near future. I wonder if there are any travelling exhibits on Period Costumes in Film? Does anyone else feel the same way? There was this one: That one would have been amazing. It featured costumes from Evita, Out of Africa, and Sense & Sensibility...I hope that I can get a chance to visit this. I'm kicking myself that I didn't jump at the opportunity to tour the gowns from the movie Titanic when I had the chance.

And now that a new season of Project Runway is in full swing, I'm sure there will be a post on fashion soon.
That show is so cultivating and inspiring for me.

I saw some screen shots from the upcoming Robert Redford film, The Conspirator starring James McAvoy and can't wait to see an actual trailer. I also have the films Bright Star & Coco Avant Chanel on their way.  So much to look forward to!

Until then,

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

"Walking on Broken Glass"

I am immensely intrigued by mosiacs. Ever since I set foot on the black and white patterned streets of Rio, I have been quite fond of the art form. I have purchased books on mosaics and have plenty of grout and tesserae (mostly broken mugs & saucers), but I have never tackled the feat of creating something so intricate and beautiful as what adorns the check-out lines at the Whole Foods Co-Op. (I am unable to provide the name of the artist at this time). I marvel at these creations everytime I see them.
Whole Foods Co-Op: Aisle 1

Whole Foods Co-Op: Aisle 2

Last Sunday, I attended the Glensheen Festival of Fine Arts & Crafts and met a woman named Val. She was able to give me some pointers and recommended an adhesive. She was totally inspiring. After much deliberation, I selected to purchase this lovely candle votive from her mainly because it matched my books. You can check out her etsy site here:
She had a platter of her grandmother's that was missing a handle so she designed a mosaic at the base of it and turned it into a vanity mirror. It was stunning. I think it's still available on her site.

The rest of these are from a little park in Nashville, TN. Fannie Dee Maes Park contains one gigantic mosaic dragon. It's incredible. If you planning to be in Nashville, you need to add this to your list of excursions.

I hope to show you a mosaic project or two very soon. I hope you have a lovely day and are able to salvage something that's been broken. Thanks for reading.

Love, Jana

Monday, August 16, 2010

From My Treasure Trove

Dated July 29, '02...1902 that is. I found this phonograph cylinder at a rummage sale last month. At first I was somewhat quizzical as to what I was holding. I was attracted to the object because of the ornate font and elaborate wrapping, but to learn that within the box was a nearly forgotten form of music that I had never seen before. Well, that rapidly altered my appreciation for the item. I deemed it worthy of sitting on my bookshelf. The one that contains treasures from around the world.

 Here's a recording of the song that I found on YouTube. It's actually kind of cute.


Sunday, August 15, 2010

"I Wish"

I've had quite a surge of inspiration in the past 24 hours. After being given the opportunity to see the musical Wicked for the first time, I truly feel that my future is "unlimited". The talent displayed was purely Ozsome. The pursuit of excellence was clearly evident and my senses were continually satisfied beyond what I could ever imagine. I could go on for hours describing each element of the show that thrilled me, but there was a conversation before the show even began that has been gripping my mind all afternoon. My cousin, Leah was describing a radio program that she heard the other day. (I regret that I can't recall the name of the program) but this show was pointing out the importance of the how each musical contains an "I Wish" song.

Ariel sings "Part of Your World"
Tevye has his "If I Were a Rich Man"
Dorothy has her "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"...the list goes on...then it hit me.

I've lost my "I Wish" song. I used to belt it out loud, singing it to everyone I would meet. But somehow I lost it. I forgot the lyrics or have had stage fright. Whatever happened to it, I aim to find it again even if I have to write it.

Paper Repurposed.

I have a difficult time throwing away paper especially when I can see its potential. Because of this trait, I may be featured on an episode of TLC's Hoarders 20 years from now.

Here are 3 reasons why I continue to be a pack rat.

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