Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Gemmerson Lake & Palmer

There are dogs that I have painted that I will never be fortunate to know because they are no longer with us. Then there are some dogs that I've painted that I have only met once...maybe twice, but this little dog is one that I have met many times.

I like to call him "Baby Gemmers." He belongs to my best friends.

When his mama, Moseby was nowhere to be found on New Year's Eve, we went to look for her. I was the lucky one to discover that she had given birth in the dog house beside my best friends' garage.

This little miracle had just been born and he was the epitome of a runt. So small! He was so much smaller than his sister and he is a petite version of all of his other ancestors. I have had the pleasure of knowing him his whole life and now have had the honour of painting his likeness. This one went to my best friend, Sarah on her birthday! Happy Birthday, Sarah!

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