Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Ambiance of the Renaissance

Yesterday my mom and I ventured into the Renaissance Festival. I was enthralled by the entire display. Granted this was my inaugural visit, so every sign and building was viewed as artwork that must be admired. I took a lot of photographs and was even repremanded for doing so by one particular store owner. Everyone else seemed excited to pose for the camera and understood that I was not mocking their efforts nor intending to steal their design. The whole time I felt like Belle in the village of Beauty & the Beast. I kept waiting to hear the townspeople break into the song, "Look there she goes, that girl is strange no question...a most peculiar mademoiselle, such a pity & a sin, she doesn't quite fit in..." Because we definitely stood out by not wearing garmets from the 1600's and mainly because people were pushing around carts in what resembled a marketplace. Here are a few of my favourite images captured yesterday.

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