Friday, December 11, 2009

Clothespins & Copper Wire

I like to collect ephemeral items, but often they get buried in a closet or in my hope chest. So the other day  I decided to make a way to display my memories without the aid of a picture frame.First  I used copper wire and upholstery tacks to make miniture clothes lines between two doors frames. Then I designed clothespins with various odds & that broken periwinkle jeweled bracelet that I couldn't fix or an old Alice & Wonderland flower pin that I was never bold enough to wear. Here are a few of my results.


  1. Things I like about this post:

    ~I learned a new usage for the term "ephemeral"
    ~The green colored mason jar on your table
    ~The Austin City Limits program (?) Did you see a show? Who was it?
    ~The pink glow in the mirror!
    ~The creative display method...I especially like how each clothes pin is different

  2. Thanks Lisa :)

    Oh I wish I had gotten to see an Austin City Limits program...The piece of paper is a block print from an idea that I have for a t-shirt design. I want to do a shirt called "Austen City Limits" like Jane Austen and have a horse drawn stage coach silhoutte below it....or maybe the skyline of Bath.

    Oh we got your Christmas card today! You have such a beautiful family:) I love the sepia tone of the photograph too :)


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