Saturday, July 9, 2011

Hunting for Doors

My friend, Makayla and I spent last Friday afternoon hunting for doors. We rummaged through flea market like shops and yard sales looking for a door that could someday embellish a door frame at Makayla's place.  I was easily distracted by everything because I find character in junk from another era. Why is this?  I must have what certain characters in Midnight in Paris have. Oh, to experience life in another era.

Here are a few snapshots that I took while Makayla diligently browsed through a warehouse of doors.

This door is stylish, isn't it! It feels rather art deco.

I have a few of these and know severaly people that collect them. It would appear that many people do. Why is that?

They are a staple at every garage sale. Why do we collect them?

I thought it might be fun sometime to go around town taking pictures of cool attic windows. I love this one. They are only on the really old houses and they are all so unique. Can't you just see the March girls from Little Woman peering out from their attic window saying, "What do you think of the captive?"

Is it just me, or can you see the letter "D" too?

I took this picture for two reasons: 1. I have a good friend with the last name Phillips. And 2. This company originated in 1912 which reminds me of Titanic.
I like diamond patterns.

Love this font!

I almost bought one of these babies at a rummage sale last month.  It would have been a major splurge. Someday.

We stopped a really great bookshop with book from the floor to the ceiling. I'm not exaggerating. It was amazing. These two volumes caught my eye so I snapped a picture. Moments later Makayla pointed out the same binding to me. We had a good laugh about it.

A beautiful cover!

I took this picture for my dad. I picked up a 2 record album that  I have been searching for at this rummage sale, only to discover once I got home that record 2 was missing. The next day I was driving with my dad and I saw that the sale was still going on. So we pulled over to search for it. My dad saw this little mail box and thought it was so cool. Little did he know I took a picture of it for him the day before. (If you were wondering, they didn't have Record 2 I'm going to have to buy Electric Light Orchestra's Out of the Blue AGAIN!) 

Blurry...too bad.

A trip to Two Harbors is not complete without a stop at Betty's Pies. We entered through the exit door because I thought I saw Robert Redford in the parking lot and clearly ignored the brightly coloured exit signs. I swear that was the enterance last time I was there! Makayla had a Butterfinger something or other pie and I had the Great Lakes pie (strawberries, rhubarb, blackberries, raspberries, & blueberries) which was more than delicious! We found all the wrong doors during this hunt, but someday, hopefully the right one will be just around the corner and visibly marked.

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  1. I love your connection with us searching for a door and going through the wrong door at Betty's Pies. That's such a great observation! And I was laughing so hard recalling that you thought you saw Robert Redford. Those people thought we were crazy, at Betty's Pies! "Where's the restroom?" Probably where the huge sign is pointing. Haha...
    Too funny that you took a picture of that mailbox and your dad noticed it too! You know eachother well. :)
    This was a great way to spend my day off! Thank you for spending it with me!


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