Thursday, April 12, 2012


Is it just me or do they both have really intense eye brows?

When it was announced earlier this week that former American Idol contestants, Diana DeGarmo and Ace Young were an item, I was wondering if they were just drawn to each other because they have similar brows. I mean, let's hope there's more to their relationship than their weekly visit to the salon for their tandem brow waxing.

It's not just my imagination, right? They're both rocking severe arches somewhat comparable to the Gateway Arch in St. Louis.

Who am I to talk? I've been called Spock before (Thanks, Dad.) so it's not like I have the authority to rip on them and their happy arches.

If we're talking eyebrows, I would have to say the best brows in the biz belong to the following:

Keira Knightley- I would love to have Keira eyebrows. Unfortunately, any attempt to imitate these brows results in my mother uttering the dreaded phrase, "Jana, your eyebrows are TOO dark." Therefore, my Keira-esque brows will remain a pipe dream.

Elijah Wood - He may own the most expressive in Hollywood. I find his brows absolutely adorable and sincere. "Oh, Sam."

Robert Downey, Jr. - His entire essence is steeped in the confident, yet verging-on-the-brink-of-arrogant brow. Plus, he can raise one at a time. ARG!!! WHY CAN'T I DO THAT?!?!!

Without his brows, I no longer understand him or recognize him for that matter. See for yourself. Who is this guy?
To see RDJ and other celebrities sans brows visit the blog celebswithouteyebrows. (Michelle Dockery is a hoot!)

Michael Fassbender - I swear he was born with additional muscles in his eyebrows allowing him to make the most intriguing facials features. For real, next time you are watching one of his movies, notice his brows. You will be amazed. The line, "Do you ever laugh, Miss Eyre?" is a succinct demonstration of his brilliant and dexterous brow ability! (It's not in the scene that is represented below. Although, his brows are marvelous in this scene as well, if I may so myself.)
I would even say Fassbender's brows deserve their own credit.

John Krasinski - If I am being entirely honest, Jim Halpert's eyebrows are the real reason The Office is my favourite TV show. They are imperative to his impeccable comedic timing.
Gromit - Modelled after Buster Keaton, Gromit doesn't talk, therefore he relies heavily on his evocative brow. Oddly enough, I have always found Jim Halpert to be a little like Gromit. Can anyone else see the resemblance?

Then we have our Brows of Honourable Mention:
Hugh Grant - especially in Bridget Jones's Diary. They are nothing short of devious.
Adrian Brody - His brows make me melt.
Brooke Shields - Any list categorizing famous eyebrows would be incomplete without mentioning Ms. Shields. After all, they are her signature feature.

I am sure I have failed to include many iconic brows (Bert, Martin Scorsese, Groucho Marx, etc...)Who would you suggest I list?

Oh, and let's not forget this guy:

'Til next time.

Live long and prosper.

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