Sunday, April 1, 2012


Well, this certainly isn't going to quell my fascination with archery anytime soon.

This isn't helping either.
Even as I was driving by a school marquee, the banner read, "Archery Tournament [blah blah blah]..."

I mean, THAT'S gotta be a sign, right? --a sign that I should purchase a hand crafted longbow online for $399, right? Don't worry, I included the link in case one of my readers wins that ginormous lottery jackpot and feels especially it could be an early birthday present for moi...or if anyone wants to snake it from under me and buy it for themselves, I suppose. ;)

Of course, flaming arrows are for the more advanced and I wouldn't expect to incorporate fire for several months--even years from now. But how will we know until I get my hands on a bow and arrows. I could be a natural.
A natural, like K. Cos....
Or Legolas...

There's even going to be a dwarf in The Hobbit who will wield a bow and arrow which is not the traditional weapon for a dwarf. Ah! I can't wait!!!!

Susan's even got one. And a really nice quiver too!

It's like everybody and their brother are archers these days.
Seriously?!?!?! These punks don't even look like they know what they're doing! They're all probably missing an eye now. ...Okay, I take that back. I hope they all have their eyes. (Notice the 3 lefties of the group? That's certainly rare.) I'm sorry, Pucker-face (second from the left) is making me really nervous....Am I the only one?

So, clearly I am not going to be able to forget about archery for sometime.


  1. Just an interesting tidbit... I heard on the radio that sales for bows and arrows have skyrocketed within the past month. :) Loved the post!

  2. I have a confession...I've just finished reading all three books of the hunger games. And I've drafted an e-mail response to you about 6 times, but always get pulled away from the computer.

    Did you know that I shoot left-handed? Not because of my hand/arm, but because I'm left-eye dominant. We should go to an archery range sometime.

    Also, I wasn't going to start any more books until I finished Sophie's World...and then Eric mailed me his copies of the HG trilogy. I'll make contact with you once sophie's world is over. ugh!!


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