Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Oh no! Not another self-portrait!

I'm sure one of my latest projects has made my level of vanity look like it has gone through the roof. But, in my defense, this self-portrait wasn't my idea. I took a week long art class this summer and the creating a self-portrait in the style of Chuck Close was one of the assignments. It's true, I have done this assignment before (see here) and enjoyed the end result, but this version was slightly different because it is three-dimensional and utilized elements from the camp where the class was held.
There are three things that I am pleased with in this painting.
One: I'm happy with how the underside of the birch bark could pass for my hair.

2. I like how that little amber coloured stone looks on the bark. It reminds me of Jurassic park. "That rhymed...unintentional." 
The third element that I like about this is the colour of the green shirt. In highschool, I remember trying to achieve that colour with tempera. It was excruciating because I could never get it right.

What shall we call that colour?

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