Tuesday, September 11, 2012

"I warrant there's a nasty bog nearby."

If I could smell, I would have been like Samwise Gamgee uttering that line, but instead, I had to use my keen spidey senses to guess there was a bog in our vicinity.
So, basically, that meant that I read this sign and followed the leader.
 I don't think I had ever been to a bog before. As we drew near to our destination, I couldn't help but notice the intensity of green all around me. "It's like we're in a lime."

 I felt we were going to run into the Berenstein Bears as we got closer. Didn't they built a fort in a bog in No Girls Allowed?

Can anyone guess who made these?
A classic Jana pose...my Wellies were in their element.

 I kind of wanted to tip over and fall into the water like when Frodo falls into the Dead Marshes.

 A frog in a bog. So fitting.

 This was a pitcher plant. Also, a carnivorous plant...
I was lucky I made it out alive.
Can't wait for my next trip to a bog!

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