Saturday, January 5, 2013


 I had an assignment in November to make something out of origami.

My first attempt was a little crow. He bobbed his head and that was the gist of it.

Then, I started to experiment with spray paint and revisited a design for an origami fish that I learned several years ago. As with all origami, there is an element of surprise when you are finished. I was really pleased how the fins were often different colours than the body of the fish. I hot glued some scraps of bubble wrap to both sides and two sequins for eyes. Oh, and I couldn't forget the glitter!

I was able to get the Martha Stewart 24 pack of glitter last winter. It's so choice. Sometimes I catch myself just starring at the bottles. They're bea-U-ti-ful!

 I love the leaf green glitter the most. I try to save as much as possible so I use it the least. The turquoise is the perfect mermaid colour too! It would be fun to make some origami mermaids next!
 Yup. I must have been so bored that I got carried away with all those pictures of glitter. Back to these feeshes.

The orange and black paper wasn't a perfect square, but I used it anyways. The result was that the tail curled around. It just proves that sometime the imperfect features of a project end up adding character.

Okay, and then I started to make a origami Titanic...How could I not?

It's terrible. If I had more time I would have made a little Jack and Rose. I think I already threw away the maybe it was always going to be a tragedy.


  1. As usual, gorgeous pieces of work. I too liked the curling caused by the imperfect start w/ the orangish fish. All of them are so lovely. Also I forgot to mention how much I liked the self portrait you blogged earlier. Snickers looks absolutely adorable as she always did! From one of your biggest fans, A. Lori

  2. ok--this is awesome. I love your feeeeesheees! :)


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