Saturday, October 26, 2013

A Sunday in St. Abbs

I haven't had many opportunities to paint landscapes, but last month, my host mumsies invited me to turn one of their favourite photographs into a painting. What I learned from this experience is that I need to paint more landscapes because they can be very challenging.
My host mumsies were so generous to my Whitney Houston-loving-host brother and me. Here's a snapshot of Nat, Patty, and Michael!
They toted us all over the place and we had so many outings. Some of the remarkable places they took us to feel imaginary now. I was pinching myself the entire time we walked the winding way of St. Abbs in Berwickshire located on the south east coast of Scotland. You see, this was not an everyday occurrence in Scotland if you did not own a car. Patty and Nat had a car, so this scenic escapade became a reality for Michael and me.

This settles it, I seriously do not see enough sheep in the States. They are such characters.

 I regret not having a picnic along these cliffs. Maybe if I get another opportunity to go overseas, I'll know how to seize the moment.
 I'm obsessed with the Prussian Blue of that North Sea! SO gorgeous!
This is no mere screen saver, folks! 

 I feel like I looked like Bilbo Baggins heading off on an adventure in this one. I was told by a bus driver that the yellow shrubs to my left are known as "Aya-Aya" bushes because when someone walks into them, you can hear them cry "AYE-A! AYE-A!!" due to the plentiful thorns. They were beautiful, but you couldn't pay me to run into them.
I am so thankful that I had such a loving host family during my studies abroad. What an amazing experience! If Patty and Nat ever read this, THANK YOU!!!!

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