Sunday, November 3, 2013

Miss Maggie

When a client from Nashville asked me paint her Schnauzer, Maggie, I wouldn't have ever predicted the setting. Can you believe the way this little cutie floats on a raft with such contentment?  Although I have had an opportunity to paint a Schnauzer not to long ago, this Schnauzer on a raft was definitely a first.
That's what I'm really loving about this venture into pet portraiture--there always seems to be a new challenge and I'm getting to correspond with so many amazing people! 
Clearly, my interpretation is far from realistic in this one and I'd have to say it looks quite different in person, but I was definitely inspired Cezanne on this one. (I still can't believe I was able to see so many of his works at the Courthauld Gallery in London, England) To my surprise, Maggie's owner, Gayle has always been fond of Cezanne! I hope she is pleased with this painting and can see her little one's character.

While painting Maggie, how could I not be reminded of Jerry Lewis' pet rabbit, Harry in Geisha Boy? I used to crack up every time the magician's rabbit had any screen time. I was really looking for images of this rabbit to prove my point. Later on, the camera pans over to the rabbit who had been sunbathing and he clearly had been soaking up the sun too long because his fur is unfortunately bright orange!

Apparently Maggie not only has incredible balance, but she has the foresight to apply sunscreen. ;)

Thank you, Gayle for allowing me to work on this project! It's been so wonderful getting to know you!

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