Monday, January 13, 2014

2014 Golden Globes Best & Worst Dressed / Kelly Kapour Story Hour

Blogging about the Golden Globes that were on last night is definitely not on my "Goals To Accomplish Today" list, but I seriously can't get anything done with all these Red Carpet slide shows distracting me. Let's face it, today may be my least productive day ever.

These are the actresses that made my BEST DRESSED LIST:

Olivia Wilde...She's not my favourite actress (I guess she was fine in "Cowboys and Aliens"--alright, I can't lie, I wasn't paying attention to her when Daniel Craig was on the screen...or off the screen come to that.), but I'm obsessed with this dark emerald/hunter green colour right now. Plus it has crystals and sequins, so it instantly becomes a winner in my book.
Lupita Nyong’o of "12 Years a Slave" in Ralph Lauren. She is striking. I need to see this movie. Have any of my readers seen it? I'm afraid I've heard mixed reviews and I'm certain I'll absolutely hate Michael Fassbender after I see it (which I'm not in any hurry to feel that way), but now that it has won the Globe for Best Drama, I believe a trip to the cinema is a must.
 This is Lizzy Caplan. Her dress didn't get a grade on yahoo, but I thought it was really different and incredibly interesting. Also, I secretly hope her bolero jacket is made out of mithril and was given to her by Elves.
 This is Jenna Dewan also known as Mrs. Channing Tatum. I know I'm partial to the mermaid cut and tend to show favouritism towards those dresses, but even you have to admit that this is a stunning dress. Her styling is spot on for me. I even love her geometric, elongated earrings.
 And, Kate Beckinsale obviously gets my best dressed of the night award. I wouldn't shut up when she presented. It was really annoying. I even love her chignon. Gorgeous!

Alright, on to the WORST DRESSED LIST:

*SHOCK!!!* "GASP!!!" I can hear your shrieks from here! How could I have the audacity to include America's newly crowned sweetheart, Jennifer Lawrence among the worst dressed?!?!?
 Here's why:
I don't think you can be a child of the 80's and not see the resemblance. Oh, but I still love her as an actress and have a feeling she'll be as prolific and poignant as Meryl Streep. She still looked great, but I couldn't shake the song, "Part of Your World" everytime I saw her during the telecast.

And then there was this disaster. Paula Patton is gorgeous, but as Makayla S. so appropriately remarked, "Oh, that's pretty [if] that giant piece of extra fabric wasn't attacking you." I'm not sure if she was referring to Mrs. Blurred Lines Thicke, but it does look like she is getting eaten by a giant clam.
 Modern Family's Sarah Hyland is a really sharp dresser on the television show, but who ever is her stylist in real life needs to be fired...even if that person is her. Listen, the dress is pretty and I love dark eyebrows, but they didn't work together. I could see her eyebrows in a sea of celebrities. Maybe she wanted to stand out...or maybe she was just feeling a like little Frieda.
Need I say more.
 Congratulations Haley Cuoco on your recent marriage! In other news, the Golden Globes IS NOT YOUR HIGH SCHOOL PROM!
 I love Sandra Bullock. Really I do. But why am I picturing Sea World when I look at this dress? She was at the top of all the best dressed lists leading up to this. What atrocity occurred? Why Sandra, Why?!
Proving my analogy with Sea World Barbie.

Great! Now that I got that off my mind, maybe I can get some work done now. If you'd like to see some of the projects that I've been up to, feel free to visit my Pet Portrait page on facebook at Oh my word and I'd be over the moon if you liked my page!

'Til next time (which hopefully isn't 3 months from today!),

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  1. Great choices for your best and worst list!! What about Sofia Vergara's dress making her look like Ursula from Little Mermaid?? I think there was a theme going on. : )

    Also, I'm starting to think my friend Tracy and I might be the only people in the world that didn't think 12 Years a Slave was as amazing as everyone says it was. I just can't help it! I admit, amazing acting, sets, costumes, etc. But it just left me feeling like there could have bee more depth or something to the story. I know, hard to say when it's a story about someone wrongly put into slavery....and about slavery in America in general....but it just seemed choppy and undeveloped somehow. I'm curious to hear your opinion! Go see it so we can chat!!


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