Friday, September 3, 2010

A Day at the Faire

Two weekends ago, my friend Makayla attended the Minnesota Renaissance Festival with me. The theme was the Highland Fling so we were in for a treat as the Caber Toss & Stone Throw as well as the Kilt competition were held that weekend.  I really enjoyed watching the Scottish dancers and was thankful to be able to sit in the shade for their performance.  We both had a bread bowl of chicken wild rice soup under a grapevine trellis and watched jousting and various entertainers (including one rather crude poet. I think that's the opinion that he was aiming for ).  I finally found a square parasol and felt so prim and proper to be walking around with it.  The only set back of the entire day was that it was so hot.  The ice cream cones melted into a puddle almost immediately and the 98 degree weather felt far from what I would imagine the climate to be in Scotland.  Overall I think we had an enjoyable time and I will be looking forward to another visit next year. It runs until the first weekend of October.

Love this font! Snazzy!

 Check out Friar Tuck chillin' in the background!

 I love this picture. It's an homage to Outlander.

 For some reason I've always known that someday I will live in a house with beveled glass windows like this.
 Mosaics! Yes!

This little guy was a familiar face from last year.


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