Thursday, February 17, 2011

Some days I just want to be a muralist...

No, seriously. Wouldn't it be great? I could wear my Calvin Klein paint pants every day and meet interesting people and hear their stories while I paint on their walls. Wasn't there a character like this on Murphy Brown? Was he a muralist?...Wikipedia should know. Hold on.

He was a  "philosophy-dispensing house painter"...His character name was Eldin Bernecky. But back to the murals.

I've had a handful of opportunities to live this dream. I had an awesome boss in Nashville, who allowed me to go to town on the walls in the Live Sound department at Guitar Center.

Can you spot my Keith Urban and John Lennon...They just happened. Totally unintentional. I promise.

Who wouldn't want Chunk doing the Truffle Shuffle on their wall? This one may have been intentional. I can't remember. Oh, and everyone's bracelet glowed in the dark.  The lighter may have glowed in the dark too.

 Wouldn't everyone want a painting of a woman biting her fingernails on their wall?

 Or a hidden Jacob Underwood from the boy band once known as O-Town...The guy with the bandana and the monkey on his shoulders.

 Or you could have an image of my friend, Ruth on your very own wall!

Then there was this mural that I painted for our family friends. Their daughters didn't have headboards, so I changed that. There are little lady bugs and caterpillars all over this darling fence.

So maybe you'd like a mural painted for you, your kids or some other people you know. I could possibly do this for you.  What do you say?  Won't you let me paint your walls? ;)

You could even get a surprise like this grumpy character. Now, wouldn't you want that on your wall? I sure would...I'm actually going to stop writing to paint this on my wall, AGAIN! Later!


  1. Picture #2, bottom left corner, to the left of Chunk: Dwight Schrute as Darth Vader.

  2. Oh my word! Totally. I used to call that guy the unabomber, but now he will be known as Dwight. Ugh! Some of the people are just down right poorly painted. Like I wasn't even looking at what I was doing.

  3. "FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!! LET THIS BOY PAINT YOUR WALLS! Can I water your plants?" JANA!! HOLY COW! I LOVE the head board!!!!!! and all your little characters haha especially the last one!!! haha -Hansolo


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