Saturday, February 5, 2011


The Hanover Street Soundtrack. Go ahead, click on the link and see why I haven't nabbed it off of ebay yet.

John Barry, my favourite film composer, died this week. He composed exactly what I wanted to hear. The soundtracks to "Somewhere in Time", "Chaplin", and especially "Out of Africa" are frequently found in my car stereo. And I never go on a road trip without them. They are beyond description for me and are successfully evocative with every play.

And it should be noted that his score was the only reason I was able to sit through "Hanover Street". Okay, not gonna lie, Harrison Ford in a bomber jacket may or may not have been another reason.

Bottomline: He composed exquisite, romantic music and will be missed.

So that is why I want this soundtrack, but it's going to have to be one of those rummage sale/Goodwill magical kind of things. It's outrageously expensive being that it is so rare. So if anyone sees it for $.49 in some cardboard me a favour and pick it up. I will definitely pay you back. ;)

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