Sunday, March 6, 2011

Select Dance Academy | 2011 Recital

My latest project was to design a t-shirt for the Select Dance Academy 's upcoming spring recital. The shirts will be worn by students that participate in the show. It was decided that the shirts would be hot pink with neon green and black accents. Here are the designs that were offered to the Performing Arts Center.

I would actually wear this on a t-shirt. Of course that would mean that I would have to either perform in a recital or choreography something in this recital...which, let's face it, will NEVER happen. ;)
Did Olivia Newton John wear this in the "Physical" music video? She could have. This should be made into a sweat shirt that has the collar torn off and is stretched over one shoulder. OOH! Or it could be a vintage Barbie sweat shirt! Do they make screen prints that small?
I know I designed this, but the design with the giant oval is far too mature for what the client was looking for. I completely agree. You could even say this design could be on the verge of being adult.

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