Tuesday, March 8, 2011


When I asked my mom, who worked in a jewelry shop once upon a time, if we could make our own spoon rings, she replied, "Oh sure! That's easy."


These were the antique victims. Thought to be ornate and vintage, yet are without sentimental value to anyone I know.

Close up- See, It's pretty and would make a dainty ring, right?

Come on, how difficult could this be? I just use a rubber mallet and the ring tools and Voila! Ring!

Wrong. I really have no idea how I was going to remove the ladle portion of this spoon either.  

So what am I left with?

A weird hook. Which is good for ...? Suggestions? The ladle is wonky now because I grew frusterated and just started bashing the crap out of it.

In case anyone else ever walks by a basket of elegant spoons in an antique shop and thinks ,"I should make a spoon ring out of those!". Good Luck!

Of course, I don't give up (most of the time)...So, I plan to post a follow up to this and as God is my witness I will someday sport a spoon ring!

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