Monday, October 8, 2012

Jandy Goldsworthy

There's this remarkable land artist, named Andy Goldsworthy. If you haven't heard of him, you need to become informed because his work is stunning. (I think his documentary is available on netflix too--"Rivers and Tides")
And, here are some of my favourite examples of his work:

So, I spent a few days trying to be like Andy Goldsworthy. I don't feel that my results came anywhere close to his brilliance, but I had a blast and can always try to be like Andy in the future.
The first two are works that I made with my cousin, Jill.

This is out of a rhubarb. I had such a great vision for this, but my rhubarb plant was in rough shape this year.

Jill and I made this pattern with pinecones too!

This was made from fish scales and as the video demonstrates, this design was ever fleeting...

Here's another pinecone maze...
And a bit of yellow peeping through some bark.

I must end with this quote, "I like Andy. He is nice to meee!" The End.

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