Monday, October 8, 2012


This past summer I took an environmental sculpture class. 'Twas loads of fun mainly because I got to use my hot glue gun for every project (I really need a holster for my secret weapon)! One of the assignments required our creativity to be applied towards the creation of a trash person. We all brought plastic bags, empty cans, and miscellaneous garbage as you can see in the background of this first picture. I cut so many aluminum cans that I felt like I was a storm chaser from Twister.
While I worked, the students from another class brought over their colour wheel cookies for us and I wanted to show you how beautiful they were. Note the word "were." I devoured these babies rapidly. I don't think I let anyone else have a chance to have one.

It's tough making a person out of newspaper and ketchup bottles.
I love magazine rolls. You can see other things I've made from rolling periodicals here & here.
So this became her breastplate...
I also discovered my love for telephone wire which I used to drape the piece over her shoulder. It's amazing. I was braiding like crazy and also made the handle to the purse out of it.

I believe she will be on display in some shop in some town someday soon. How's that for a vague description?

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