Friday, January 28, 2011

On the Street Where You Live

I started doing this 3 years ago. I like to capture where I am when I am happy. These are some of my most cherished moments, mainly captured when I'm travelling or on vacation.

The dirt road that leads to my best friends' house.

The Renaissance Festival. Guest feet appearance by Makayla Luzaich Hagen ;)
The Kitchi Gammi Club - The Hartley Room

The dressing room of The Duluth Playhouse in tap shoes-character shoes on stand by.

The Cape May themed restaurant in Orlando, FL. Have I mentioned that I love umbrellas?

First day of vacation. Bliss. I can just tell my feet are happy.

Same day. They're practically smiling.

Nashville. *Sigh*


Corporate life...and chartreuse.


Bayfield, WI during the Apple Festival - I love autumn and the annual trip to Bayfield.
"Into the Woods" in slippers as pure as gold.


  1. I just love your comments. You're right, your feet are smiling!
    Can you see how dirty and swollen looking my feet are in the Renaissance Festival photo? Remember the dirty (no pun intended) looks we got at the Wendy's?!

  2. Hahaha! Yes! Wait! Your feet DO NOT look swollen. And, yes, I do remember the look they gave us. That was a fun trip, although it could have been 20 degrees cooler that day ;)

  3. I love this feet bit! Stinking cute!!



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