Saturday, January 29, 2011


Several years ago, I watched a documentary on the lengendary aviatrix and fell under her spell, joining many others who have been fixated on her disappearence. There's something so eerie and unsettling about the fact that they could hear her over the radio transmitter, but she couldn't hear them. And how they never discovered the Electra or any of its wreckage intrigues me to the core. She just vanished.

So, already being familiar with the story, I was a bit skeptical that the film would disappoint, but I remained entertained. It was a delightful bio-pic. I thought Hilary Swank was entirely convincing and that she and Richard Gere had the kind of chemistry that Amelia & George Puttnam would have had.

I thoroughly enjoyed the set decorations. The art deco wallpaper was gorgeous especially in the jungle room, but was noticeable in several scenes. The gold elevator was a highlight of the film for me as well. I wonder if it is truly still in service.

There was a scene where Lady Lindy takes a party of friends on a night-time flight and it looked strangely familiar. Because I'd say it was taken directly from "The Aviator". Call me, Howard Hughes, but it was nearly shot for shot.

And, let me just rave about the font for the poster. I love the how the iconic red scarf was incorporated into the "A". Love that designer...whoever they were.

Overall, I'd say it was a pleasant little bio-pic. It wasn't difficult to follow, a little too lacking in complexity, but the attention to detail and poetic screenplay made it a treat.

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