Saturday, December 24, 2011

Where the Special Elves Work...

"Buddy the Elf--What's your favourite colour?"
There hasn't been time to blog with all the projects  that I've been making for friends and family this Christmas. I'll tell you more about those afterwards because I wouldn't want to spoil the surprise. Don't get too excited. They're mostly just buttons, glitter, and sequins glued to picture frames.

I don't think I was overly ambitious with these projects, but let's be honest--I had a few epic failures this holiday season.

Exhibit A:

I was determined to make this.

"This can't be too difficult--So I'm gonna make TWO! They only require 200 rolls of paper a piece--so 425 rolls should do it! Easy-peasy, lemon-squeezy."

UGH! What they fail to tell you is that IT TAKES FOREVER!!!!  After 2 weeks I had only 43 rolls, and I hadn't even started coiling the rolls--which takes EVEN MORE TIME!!! "Why don't you just say it, I'm the worst toy maker in the world. I'm a cotton-headed ninny muggens."

I could have made a smaller bowl or maybe a tea candle votive, but that could be a fire hazard...and sad. 

I had to modify my plan. You'll get to see that later.

Exhibit B.

Saw this on Pinterest and loved it. She's like a Lady Lovely Locks.
You know, Lady Lovely Locks...from the 80's. I used to love these stories. I had the paper dolls. They were grand with their colourful tresses.

So, this look could be recreated using only oil pastels. "I'm listening."

Oil pastels- "I have oil pastels. I'm also feeling festive. I should attempt this."

I don't have a picture of the result. Trust me, you don't want to see it. It's heinous. Not only does it look like a bird ate a bunch of green sugar cookies and then crapped green poop on my head, only now am I starting to wonder if this will ever come out. Definitely something that I should have put into consideration before I started scribbling on my hair. 

I don't want to think about it, but oil paint would need turpentine.... UGH!

Ah, and how could we forget Exhibit C?

The Truffles.

 Who could be so caught up with making gifts and purchasing gifts and making lists that they forgot all about the chocolate and how they said that they were going to attempt to make truffles?

I guess, this girl.

Well, afterall, they're just truffles.

But this season means so much more.

How is it that we can get so distracted with everything else on our agendas and fail to remember the reason why we even celebrate.

I like what my good friend, Kris wrote in her family's annual Christmas letter.

Our letter would be empty and shallow if we did not confess that apart from Jesus we would not have survived this year. His provision, grace and love have sustained us through the best and worst of this year. Knowing He has a plan has steadied us through so much unknown and as we head into a new year we know that continuing to rest in Him is our only option. We hope you, too, find peace and joy from Him who works all things for our good and His glory.

If all else fails, I hope to get one thing right this Christmas.

May the birth of a Saviour bring you glad tidings of great joy!

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