Tuesday, July 24, 2012


As we've previously established, I will eventually be on an episode of Hoarders due to my various collections that I find painstakingly impossible to let go of (Bonnie Bell Lipsmacker cases, Little Pet Shop food, My Little Pony hairbrushes, etc...) .  While I am waiting for the call from A& E, I will continue to collect crap.

My father recently attempted to offend me by calling me a rat. After all, I do have drawers and boxes packed to the brim with scraps of paper.

But his scare tactic failed--cause, I happen to LOVE RATS!!!

Nice try, DAD.

Come on, what's there not to love?!?
Rizzo...Hugh Jackman as a Rat...Rataouille...real rats...RATAGAN!

Oh, my goodness! Bursting with glee...They are so cute!!!

Then you have this little "Monster Man."

Thanks to Crainium.net I was able to relive the last time vh1 made me laugh! Such a classic!

But good luck trying to find a rat that can "move and shake like THIS!"

Here are two of the collages that I have made while behaving like a rat.


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