Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Obliterating Serendipity

 LaPine Design sat down with emerging artist, Jana LaPine to discuss her destruction of a previous painting called "Serendipity."
LD: What was your source of inspiration for the original Serendipity?
JL: One of those wall decals that are mass produced...I just followed the line of the stars, but I ended up hating it. It wasn't me. I was just copying something someone else created and I could really feel the tension going against my aesthetic taste.
LD: What was your vision for the revised version?
JL: Well, it's certainly not what I had in mind. Close, but no cigar. I still want to dump a vat of gloss over the entire piece and see what happens. I really envisioned large egg shapes in the caulk and someting that resembled the patterns found in stone, but for now I'll leave it.
LD: What memories surface for you with this work?
JL: Nothing too concrete. It just reminds me of an album cover by Rogue Wave...Lake Michigan, if my memory serves me right. That album had a foil of some sort or precious metal on the cover. (It was actually "Asleep at Heaven's Gate.")
LD: What was the atmosphere when you create the original as suppose to the revised canvas?
JL: For the original, I was trying to balance the canvas on a crappy easel. Terrible idea. This time around it just covered the floor while I listened to Hugh Grant movies playing in the background.
LD: Why Hugh Grant movies?
JL: It's all in the accent...plus, I just happen to have more of his films on VHS, I guess. Subsequently, there is a shredded poster of "Did You Hear About the Morgans?" (which I've never seen) incorporated into this piece.
Here's the original that is no longer. 

These are some close shots of the larger work.

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