Thursday, September 8, 2011

Child Evangelism Fellowship Postcard

My mother asked for me to review a postcard which was sent to her to review before it was sent to the printer's.

Here is the original postcard that was NOT done by me...

A local graphic designer did this. I'm sure they are a wonderful person, I just have a different design aesthetic. Okay, Okay, I have a black heart.

I had to take this as an opportunity to work on my skills.

What Would Jana Do? She would first consult this chart.

Just because a document is about children doesn't mean it NEEDS the Comic Sans font! There are a bajillion cute fonts out there in the world!

Also, who says we have to show the entire stock image? I used to try to show the entire image when a small portion would suffice. Take Aladdin's advice and just show "Part of Your World".

Thirdly, The logo is on the back of the postcard. It's a classic logo so why does it have to be on BOTH sides? We don't have to plaster the logo over every surface of advertising material. Here's a rule of thumb and a grievous style don't to live by: If your logo is burgundy- Don't choose a red font!  Nope. Don't even try it.

Here's my attempt.  I still see a bunch of flaws that I'd like to tweak, but what would you suggest?


  1. I think you are brilliant! :) I'd choose yours in a heartbeat. CEF is missing out--they need to pick you up pronto!

  2. Love the idea of not using the whole image. I tried and tried to do stuff like this at the camp I worked at .. then I left. Now? Burgundy and red are obviously a great color match on mailings!

  3. Thanks Jess and Rachieannie!

    Rachieannie, I could be persuaded to think burgundy and red would make the postcard stand out from other mailings, but I'm not sure that's what they were going for.

  4. Brilliant! They need you!


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