Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ice Box Cards - Winter 2011 Line

Readers of lapine design are getting the first glimpse of the next 8 cards designed by my father.

May I present the Winter 2011 line for Ice Box Cards

30 Split Rock

Something's Fishy

Father & Son Game

Grandma's Little Helper

Mistletoe Magic

Bearily Down the Stream
 Seven Bridges - or as I like to call it : The Obsessive Compulsive's Bane of Existance (mainly because of the bricks...and the leaves...and the twigs... BAHHH!!!!)

Agony of Cold Feet

Although my dad illustrated them, I have spent what feels like THOUSANDS of hours editing them and preparing them to be printed.

Minute glitches or specks that were on the originals required a tedious amount of attention, so that's my part in the matter. I smooth out the pixels and make everything look crisp...oh, and I made Santa blush, I guess.

Once they are printed, I would like to have a  variety pack giveaway available to my readers. I just have to think of something fun to ask you and wait for the printer!

If you can't wait another millisecond and NEED TO BUY CARDS RIGHT NOW!!!! , you can visit Ice Box and order from the original 8 designs which are just as cute, if I might say so myself. ;)

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  1. These are just fatastic! I would love to order some! :) Thanks for posting them!


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