Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I'm having withdrawals...

It's only been 3 weeks or so since I finished reading Jane Eyre. Have I told you how much I loved that book. Would it be too soon to start reading it again? I'm afraid so...right? Curiosity led me type Jane Eyre in the Etsy search bar...which reminds me, I should make an etsy treasury with items inspired by the novel. I'll just have to add that to my enormous list of goals to accomplish. I digress...Upon my search, I discovered that my 1943 edition of Wuthering Heights is being called "vintage". I like that word. Apparently my edition also has a companion. There is a version of Jane Eyre in the same style. The problem is that I'm not going to be paying the price that they are asking for because I'm going to wait to find it in some dreary but magnificent bookstore someday.

I also learned from Etsy that this edition of Jane Eyre is the one that Isla Fisher's character April is searching for in the movie Definitely, Maybe. Ryan Reynold's character eventually finds it for her. Über-romantic.  Chandler Bing even tracked down a rare copy of Velveteen Rabbit for a woman he was harbouring a secret crush on. (Remember that one? Joey had mistaken it for a book about cheese.) Regardless of what your friends may think, it's still romantic.It's personal. It's memorable. See, if I purchase this, not only will I be digging deep into my pockets, I will be robbing some guy of a romantic opportunity.

Here, I'll show you all what my version of Wuthering Heights looks like.

This illustration is on the cover. Oh, Heathcliff. What a tortured soul.

Gorgeous font, don't you agree? What I find disturbing is that I can't remember where I found this. I certainly did not pay a pretty penny for it. More than likely it was on a bottom bookshelf at a library sale.

This unfortunately looks like something dark that my brother would request to have drawn for him. Anyone remember James' birthday present from last year?

The engravings are a bit too retro for my utmost approval, but I haven't seen the illustrations from Jane Eyre yet. I can only imagine. If you'd like to see the pair of books I have been rambling on about you can click here to be taken to the Etsy site.

What books do you search for everytime you find yourself in a little book shop around the corner? I so wish to know.

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