Friday, October 14, 2011

The Hills Are Alive With...

I made my first treasury tonight on Etsy. It was delightful.
I chose the theme of The Sound of Music-- 'Why,' you ask. Well, I'll tell you all about that later in a post with more pictures.

This image will direct you to the site, should you wish to purchase something... like a Boatswain Whistle. Come on, admit it, you have always wanted your very own Boatswain Whistle. I know I sure have. I would only have to teach the signals to each person in my life (James is going to love this.) and if they happen to be within earshot, they will know that I desire their presence. If they don't hear their assigned toot, I do not wish to see them. Genius.


  1. That's awesome! Are you selling each of those items?

  2. Thanks, Lisa! No, I'm not selling any of these actually, but Etsy has this feature where you can make a little collection. I want to make a Jane Eyre one next.


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