Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Dear, Sweet November

I'm quite fond of November. It's the month before my birthday which allows me to contemplate what I will include on my wish lists. That's always fun. November also marks the beginning of when the radio stations start to play Christmas music. And it obviously contains Thanksgiving which may arguably be the cosiest of the holidays. Am I right?

It also happens to be the month when Breaking Dawn: Part 1 is released.

I'm starting to get somewhat excited. That may have had to do with the fact that they have been airing steamy Volvo commercials while I've been slaving away on the Breaking Dawn Pillows that lapinedesign will be giving away this month.

They will be featured on Book Nook Club & Bacon Time With The Hungry Hypo!

K-trix (My Die-Hard-Twi-Hard Best Friend) has been keeping me posted all throughout the year of the current developments. She's read the book several times, when I've only read it once and that was awhile ago. So I'm anxious to be reminded of portions of the novel that I have forgotten since the first read-thru. How could I forget that Bella's diamond hair clip contained sapphires?!?! I don't even deserve to call myself a fan these days! I'm expecting quite the cliff hanger. Do you think Part 1 will end as it does in the book or will they keep us hanging in suspense prematurely?

So I have 11 goals for the 11th month.

1. Send off the Breaking Dawn Pillows to the winners.
2. Post the enthralling Breaking Dawn Treasury that K-trix (Super Fan) and I created on Etsy. Just you wait, Enry Iggins, just you wait! It's gonna be legen...wait for it...dary.
3. Make clever necklaces for the group that will be attending the midnight show.
4. Finish the poster for Rubber Chicken Theater's Holiday Revue.
5. Finish writing the 2nd pre-chorus of my new Christmas song.
6. Record my Christmas song.
7. Photograph my latest Breaking Dawn Pillows.
8. Record a sad song with my talented friend, Hannah. Here's her myspace. She rocks and agreed to sing a song for me!
9. Continue to work on the illustrations for my cousin's children's book concept.
And if time permits
11. Paint a pomegranate.

Please, let me explain number 11.

I've been watching a bit of Modern Family and couldn't help but notice the pomegranate painting in the Dunphy's kitchen.

The Modern Family in an Edwardian beach scene which I love a bit too much!

The Dunphy's kitchen.

Amy Runyen's artwork adorns the Dunphy wall.

If that wasn't enough inspiration...

Barbara Andolsek's masterpiece.

John Singer Sargent. Sigh.
Sandy Burr. I'm not sure if this is a photograph or a painting. Either way, it's enticing.

An interesting twist to a classic, by Pat Koscienski

They're almost vampiric if I may say.

Ah, and I love this Q/A between Reckless Bliss and artist Nathan Rohlander:
RB: What advice can you give to budding artists?

NR: Keep the dream alive! To do that you must never give up. Excellence is the result of hard work, practice and experience. A person who is willing to work hard will out perform a person with talent who isn’t. Focus on surrounding yourself with inspirational people and images. Embrace passion! Be gregarious and feed yourself with museums, galleries and travel. Create boundaries for yourself and within those boundaries try to break free. A decision is better than no decision at all. Worry not about what to create, respond to the world around you and produce!

Now if I can only apply that advice.

Reader, I hope your November is off to a sweet start!

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