Saturday, October 1, 2011

Looking Forward

Things I'm looking forward to...
Robert Schwartzman's solo album which drops the second week of October...The imagery I've used makes it look like I'm looking forward to this concert. If only...

Recording my new Christmas song in the studio. Hopefully Kris will still want to play the jingle bells for it!

Award Season

Going to Moldova. I wish this was next week.

Being in Moldova...
Having camp with kiddos in Moldova...

Mariah Carey's next album whenever that may be.

Shania Twain's next album. - Her television series on Oprah's network was so inspiring. Has anyone else out there seen it? I had to watch it every time it aired. And having read her autobiography this summer, I can't wait to hear what she writes next.

She & Him's Christmas Album

Sherlock Holmes 2: A Game of Shadows which will be in theatres December 16th. (This really should be higher on my list.)

The Hobbit: Part 1

The Hobbit: Part 2

A Dangerous Method

Award Season

Going to England-walking through a maze, visiting Stokesay and Highclere Castle.

The announcement of PBS's Masterpiece Classic Season

Starting a Book Club with Makayla and Sara K....anyone else want to join us?

Listening to my Fellowship of the Rings soundtrack while driving to Bayfield to observe the autumn colours. I don't care what people say about the Cheese State. It is truly a beautiful place this time of year.

Finding something in this store.

Award Season

Having a Titanic Party next April  2012 - I'm still trying to convince the party members to try caviar...

Sound of Music at the Playhouse. I've never been more excited to don a habit in my life.

Holding the Winter 2011 Line of Ice Box Cards in my hand.

Downton Abbey: Season 2

And as much as I hate to admit it...Breaking Dawn: Part 1

Did I mention Award Season?

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