Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Artwork Inspired by the Palace of Dalkeith

I'm chomping at the bit because a few of my recent projects cannot be shared yet, so in the meantime, I'll continue to share my articulated book and other stories from Scotland with you.
There was a stoic painting of a gentleman and his dog along the staircase. I really liked the obese dog at the man's feet. I even wrote a poem about it.

"Between Two Floors" by Jana LaPine

If you’re looking to travel from the first floor to the ground

I suggest the Grand Staircase, for it’s the finest around
With tartan clad steps and four windows cloud high

‘Tis a sight to behold for all who pass by

But if you’re not careful you’re likely to pass

Through some ancient portal into centuries past

See that cracked, oil painting trapped in a gold frame

That features a gentleman of reputable fame
Well, there by his side sits his trustworthy Corgi

A pudgy wee pup that the townsfolk called Georgie 
I’ve heard it been said, if you stare for too long

At that droopy-eyed dog, you won’t know that you’ve gone
Then the music will swell, you’ll ask, “Did I hear that before?”

While you stand there perplexed, guests will pour through the door 

All dressed in the latest fashions from Paris

Tuxedos with tails and gowns that drape at the knee        

You’ll quickly decide to hide within a dark spot on the wall

As couples ascend the wide stairs at the end of the hall

It would seem that some lavish event’s taking place

As bodies flock to the ballroom as if it’s a race 

Yet, this bodes well for you in some ways, I’ll admit.

For as the Marble Hall empties, you’ll be able to sit
As you sit and observe, you’ll find the Duke is still there

As marble as ever, with his vacant, blank stare
And, the gold chandelier, still incandescent and bright

Glows as if it was made to shine just for this night

 But ever so quickly the light flickers out

And you’ve suddenly returned to your decade, no doubt.

For the music has stopped and a chill fills your spine

Then you see that your classmates have fallen into a line
Outside of the servery, dinner’s moments away

And you’re faced with the question, “So, how was your day?”

 You begin tell them of your journey, but opt to decline

Instead, your secret stays safe with Georgie, the canine.
Here is the original painting if you are curious:

Here is the detail of a frame I thought I'd sketch. It's annoying to observe how little I actually sketched. Once the essay assignments started rolling in, my sketching significantly decreased. If my memory serves me right, these were all sketched within my first 2 weeks of living in Scotland.
This is a sketch of a room that was a lot more grand in person. It could have been used as a model room for the animated version of "Beauty and the Beast."
This is a 3 part collage. It includes a light from the grand staircase and the fat Corgi that I am so fond of. Also, the background is the marble cape worn by the Duke of Wellington who guards the servery 24/7.
A similar chandelier hangs in the Palace of Holyroodhouse.
 One of many fireplaces in the Palace.
Here's the Duke again. He was more handsome in person.
I guess I've been reminiscing about Scotland all day today. It's tough to think that I can't just teleport there to relive the experience.

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