Monday, July 1, 2013

Houndton Tabbey

I discovered stunning dog portraits by brilliant artist, Kim Parkhurst on etsy while I was in Scotland. In a search to find some form of comfort after watching the last episode of Downton Abbey's third season, I stumbled on these gorgeous paintings that combine 3 of my favourite things: dogs, vintage clothing, and most importantly, Downton Abbey. I only wish I had come up with this genius idea first! But, I'm so impressed with the detail. I can only aspire to become as good as Kim Parkhurst.
And, as I'm still suffering bouts of withdrawals, I thought I'd share these with you to cheer up my fellow Downton addicts. Only 5 more months to go, loves!
If you are interested in purchasing a print, please visit or Toadbriar's Etsy page here. All images are copyrighted by Toadbriar or Kim Parkhurst.
I really should send her a request to paint my favourite characters: Lord Grantham and Branson ;)
Cora, Lady Grantham
 Anna, "Mr. Bates."
 Lady Sybil
 O' Brien
Lady Mary
 Matthew Crawley
 Mrs. Patmore
 Lady Violet, Dowager Countess
 Oh, and I almost forgot...Edith.

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