Wednesday, August 10, 2011


This has been the summer of Bananagrams. I can't even tell you how many times we've played this game. We've tried all variations. We've played by the standard rules, and we even played a round where you could only use words from the Twilight series. While I was building words like "BELLA, EDWARD, & JACOB", Hannah brilliantly crafted "FLORIDIANS & FRENZY" & Katie cooked up "RENESMEE".
Then we played a Biblical round...all those Z's and X's had never been desired more.
It's a nice game to play with relatives, although my Pop-Pop was making up some words that I for one have never heard of. Words like"PIGSIN" as in the popular breakfast dish "Pigs-In-A Blanket" or "BINDEX" which is perhaps a knock-off brand of a certain glass cleaner. It's a nice game to play on a hot day. If you are too mentally wiped to spell, you can always stack the tiles, or set them up as dominos. That was actually a very intense half an hour. Believe me, you didn't want to be the person who prematurely started the cascading effect. We filmed the final result of our labour. It was pretty cool.

It's a great little game. I promise.
Look at these people having fun. Loads of fun. That one guy in the yellow is actually starting to turn into a Bananagram.

They are all so deep in thought that they don't even care that I'm taking pictures of them.  This was during a game that lasted 28+ rounds (I honestly stopped counting after the 2nd round). You'd think we'd be so sick of Bananagrams after that, instead we purged our game cupboard of all boardgames and decided that we are more of a Bananagram kind of family.  Who needs Verbatim and Anti-Monopoly when you have Bananagrams (Seriously, where did we even get horrible games like Verbatim and Anti-Monopoly? Who has even heard of those?!?!? Still, I'm sure they can't be as terrible as the Worst Board Game Ever. Miami Vice Board Game, you know who you are.)

This has nothing to do with Bananagrams... I just wanted you to see how cute that little dog is. She's so adorable and patient as she waits for someone to drop something on the floor or to show her mercy by sharing their dessert.

My dad turned some of my song titles into a Bananagram. Isn't that sweet?

The more you play, the sicker you will become. You will say "Peel" for no reason at all...perhaps even while you sleep. You may even start seeing Bananas where Bananas are not supposed to be.

What are you waiting for? Go play a round.


  1. I love this game SO much. You don't even know. And I saw that banana trailer at that same exact spot a few weeks back. Did you take that picture? If you did, we must have been driving right by each other. "Split."

  2. My mom has Bananagrams - I think. I haven't played though! Sounds like fun! I love the comment about that little cute!:)

  3. Russell- Yes, I did take that picture probably in June...That's crazy! What were you doing in Soup Town?

    Makayla- We have to play some time! You'll be great at it because you have a rich vocabulary. That helps! Thanks ;)


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