Friday, August 5, 2011

Planting Seeds

Maybe I've fallen out of my tree or off my rocker, whatever the case, I'm exhibiting odd mental behaviour. I think it could be classified as that thing some call confidence. For the past few days I'm actually believing that I can conquer whatever I set my mind to.

I want to write songs for a living. Heck, I'm going to be a songwriter. I'm going to passionately dive into a career that I have wanted to do for a long time.  I'm striking while the iron's hot...if that's the saying.
I'm going to accomplish what I can while I have the time. I'm knocking out goals that had almost faded away.  I'm absorbing information like I've taken some sort of power pill that makes me crave knowledge and has a side affect that makes me feel like I could swim the English Channel, if I really wanted to. (I don't even know how wide it is, it doesn't matter, I bet I could do it!)

Of course, I'm entirely aware that my mind will eventually persuade me to fall back into the trap that I can't do anything. That I should just give up trying. That this career goal is completely out of my reach and that I should settle for something lacking creativity because it's easier, pays better, and leave the songwriting to the truly talented boys and girls that were born into the music industry.

In the meantime, I'm working on a music website, mastering songs that I've recorded at Inland Sea, writing more songs, recording more songs, searching everyday life for inspiration, plotting video concepts, and searching for songs to cover to refine my craft. I'm contacting people I know in the industry, I'm reading every sentence I can on songwriting. I've even got my sights set on a songwriting competition here in Duluth this September.  I won't back down.

May you find the courage to swim your English Channel today!


  1. good for you, jana. you definitely have the talent (and one of my all time favorite voices. i could listen to you sing forever). go get 'em.

  2. Thanks for the support and compliment, Sarah! You're super sweet!

  3. This is wonderful Jana! I totally believe in you. I think you could go so far if you keep this attitude! You have so much talent and passion; with this mind frame, you can do anything! :) I'm so excited for you!

  4. Thanks, Makayla, my ever-encouraging friend!


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