Tuesday, June 11, 2013


There's not much to say about this post other than these are a few of my notebook doodles from the last semester. I don't know if I listen better when I doodle. I suppose my test results would be the only indication of that. Either way, I thought they added a nice touch to my articulated book and they are most inspired by my surroundings over seas.
I attempted lace work a lot because there were so many paintings with the skill of lace being demonstrated.
You'll also spy my attempts at recreating celtic designs of intertwining and overlaping.
But in the end, they're just doodles.

We were able to see this original James Guthrie painting on display at the Nation Gallery of Scotland in Edinburgh. It was gorgeous. I had just the long winded doodle to frame the postcard in my articulated book.

I didn't paint this rabbit, but I drew the doodle behind him.

Unintentionally, this dog looks like my best friends' dog, Rasta...I must have subconsciously missed her.

So, what do you doodle?

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