Sunday, June 16, 2013


I'll do my best to keep this post brief as there will be a few long winded posts on the horizon.

As for this painting, this is a little black lab that belongs to one of my friends that I met while I studied in Scotland. Katie really liked the painting of my host mumsies' dog that I did, so she asked if I would do a painting of Nala for her. Luckily for me, Katie had found a darling dress with robins on it at a market in London and she let me have the dress in exchange for a painting! Score!

This was painted with acrylic on 8x8 canvas paper.

If someone is interested in an 8x8 acrylic painting on canvas paper, I would only charge $40 for this service. Incidentally, I will also accept dresses from markets in Europe.

For more options, examples of pet portraits, and pricing, you can visit my new facebook page at

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