Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Wicker Wingback

This is a little business venture I've recently embarked on. I reupholstered this chair.
It was in pretty rough shape. Firstly, the mauve pattern was heinous and secondly, the previous owners had painted on the actual fabric. Yikes! So, I dismantled the chair and recovered it. I even made new buttons! What do you think? Here are some previous chairs I have refinished. Red Chair, Telephone Chair, White Chair  Wow, you'd think I could come up with more clever names than "Red Chair and White Chair."

I had this whole vision of matching a coordinating dress with the finished chair for a picture. Unfortunately, my camera is on the fritz and the majority of my pictures didn't turn out, including the pictures of the back of the chair. Hopefully, I can find a great deal on a new camera!

If you know of anyone who needs upholstery done, please send them my way. I would be very grateful.

Have a lovely rest of your weekend!



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