Thursday, June 20, 2013

The United Kingdom Experience

You should know, I am so overwhelmed by all the photographs I took overseas. I know I've said that before. I have so many story to tell, but there are just too many pictures. I'm talking at least 10,000. How is that even possible. I have about 1,000 in each folder...and there are easily over 10 folders.

It's just a lot to sort out.

Anyways, I thought I'd just switch things up a bit and start sharing my first hand experience as it was occurring. In other words, I'll share my not-so-personal diary for those who are interested. (And naturally, I'll be commentating in parenthesis because I won't be able to resist the opportunity to make fun of myself.)

"January 12th, 2013

It's strange to think that this upcoming trip has the potential to strip me from my identity as an anglophile. It could be ruinous.  I must embrace the possibility that England will sorely let me down thus concluding that Las Vegas is really the most illustrious place on Earth.

I could come back and have an affinity for casino culture and an obsessive penchant for playing powerball.  Forget about books and literary locales.  Who needs books when there are magic tricks to learn.

January 30th, 2013

The day has arrived.  I must endure my dreaded fear of travelling via plane with the reward of dwelling (haha) in Great Britain for a nice chunk of time.

Yet...we're not off to a good start when there is a winter storm between me and the UK. And, you know it's a bad sign when they attach a moniker to the severe weather. This one happens to be called Magnus. What a brute.

It's windy here in Duluth, MN...and I feel quite frazzled.  I'd like to spritz my hair right about now. It's amazing what a crutch it has become. (haha-I had to pack my cherished hair spray supply for fear that they would throw it out at the security check point. Believe it or not, this stressed me out like you wouldn't believe. I even tried to calculate how many bottles I would need while I was over there.Okay, so 18 spritzes a day x 97 days...)

My agenda for the plane ride

-read Patty's directions again
-go through Great Britain Tour Book with highlighter
-consider what to draw, the purpose behind my subject matter.
-read a lot.

(I accomplished NONE of these on the plane. Instead I watched Hotel Transylvania twice and counted down the mileage the rest of the way.)

I already feel nauseous and I haven't even boarded.

January 31st, 2013

Our plane is hovering above England as I write.  Just a tad south of Liverpool.  It hasn't sunk in yet.  It feels like it is just a map.  I am anxious to get to the train.  I have a horrid feeling the ride on the Tube is going to be an utter nightmare.  I struggled to get one bag up a flight of stairs--I can imagine what a dreadful sight it will be for onlookers.  It's still so dark. I was hoping to see England in the light of day. But beyond my window, it is sheer darkness! --TURBULENCE--UGH

First impressions in this strange unfamiliar land.  Our plane flew into London while it was still night--I liked that my first introduction to the city was in the manner of Mary Poppins or Peter Pan.  There were even dark cotton ball clouds that you could just picture M. P. sitting atop.
People are really quiet.  I feel like a bull in a china shop with my two ginourmous suitcases. So bogged down by them and my sinfully heavy backpack. There are posters all around and styles that are inspiring me already. The tube was longer than I thought and I was shocked by the absence of conversation.

I LOVE everyone's accents. I don't even want to talk & just find one person to tell me their life story and then translate everything I say to make it sound elegant (That doesn't make ANY sense!)

I feel so greasy--my hair is all sweaty. I was just drenched while I went through customs. (Maybe because I was wearing a huge sweater!) I keep on trying to spy people I would know, no one has talked to me for awhile--The light is starting to come out. Such high style here--Reminds me of Nashville in that way (hahahah okay?) I feel like a bag lady. Just disgusting.

I NEED to see Macbeth if McAvoy is in it.  HOLY CRAP! THAT'S HAPPENING!"

(Of course, I'll write more about my trip soon)

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