Wednesday, June 29, 2011

103.3 KUMD

I found out today that my song Stupid was aired on the radio. On Sunday at 3:04 PM., a DJ at a local station (103.3 KUMD) , played it in the same hour as other artists like Florence & the Machine, Tori Amos, Cat Power, Fiest, Martha Wainwright, & Kimya Dawson. All women that I admire.

I didn't get to actually hear this happen, nor experience the excitement that I always thought would accompany the event. I had romanticized the idea to be similar to the scene in "That Thing You Do!". You know, where they are running down the street and dancing in the Electronics Store as they revel in the concept that their song is sailing on the airwaves.

Instead, my dad gave me a freshly printed sheet of paper that featured a list of artists that were played on Sunday afternoon.

Either way, it's still pretty cool.

I'd like to say "Thank you!" to the dear Disc Jockey who worked the Sunday afternoon shift and liked my song enough to feature it in their set. I truly appreciate it!

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  1. Jana! Congratulations! This is so darn exciting and wonderful! This is how is starts...


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