Wednesday, June 1, 2011

"Of all the 'jars', in all the towns, in all the world...

She walks into mine."  I figured a quote from Casablanca would be fitting to introduce this Moroccan/Indian inspired project...even though the true quote begins with, "Of all the gin joints...".

I recently saw this as a DIY tutorial on Design*Sponge which from the looks of it just received a new layout. Lookin' good, Design*Sponge!

The tutorial was originally published by Katie Stuernagle of Matsutake. And I thought it was pretty brilliant and affordable, so I made up my mind to attempt the project myself.  I had a blast and have plenty of supplies left over, so if anyone wants to make more jars with me, just let me know! But I warn you, it's addicting!

All you love...AND
  • Jars, free of labels (I used jars that once contained Kraft Marshmellow Cream, Prego Spaghetti Sauce, Newman's Own Peach Salsa, and Kosher Dill Pickles)
  • Metallic Gold Puff Paint (I only used one large bottle of the Tulip brand)
  • Glass Glaze (I used the Pebeo Vitrea brand and chose the following colours: Turquoise, Paprika "The paprika sauce was the talk of the party, pass it on!", Amaranthine, Bengal Pink, & Sandalwood Green)
  • A wide paintbrush

So first, you have to clean off all the labels. That part is probably the least fun. Goo-Gone is a major time-saver.

Next, you go to town with the metallic puff paint. I could do this part for fact, I did. Don't worry if the paint is cloudy at first, it becomes more metallic as it dries.

Then you take a small amount of glass glaze and apply it to the inside of the jar with the paint brush. This was a little difficult at times, but I'm pleased with the overall affect. I thought the turquoise worked the best, but photographed the worst. You really should see it in person.  I attempted to make a cobalt blue mixing the amaranthine with turquoise. It's a bit too streaky, but saved me a few dollars.

So start saving your jars! We'll make more together and then someday, we'll take over the world! Wow. I'm beyond exhausted because of another little project that kept me up until the wee hours of the morning, but you'll have to read about that another time. Goodnight for now.


  1. super cool, jana! i love them and wish i had the (uninterrupted) time to work on something like this!

  2. Thanks Sarah, but I bet you could still tackle a project like this. It wasn't messy and I could set it down and walk back to it. Might be a perfect project for you, actually.

  3. Wow! Those are all so beautiful! You're so creative.


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