Saturday, June 11, 2011

The 29th Annual Park Point Rummage Sale

I hardly slept a wink last night. I was so worried that all the bargains would be snatched up before I hit the pavement and began to rummage through those garages of Duluth's Park Point. Even though I didn't make it to my first sale until after three, I am still pleased with my findings. I have to thank the talented Amanda Weis, who will play the Baker's Wife in our upcoming production of "Into the Woods". If it wasn't for her, I would have missed them all together! So thanks, Amanda!
Here are a few of my finds:

Vintage screw-back sequin earrings. I'd like to know what era they are from. My guess is that they are older than the 1950's.

SCORE! Have I mentioned I love this film...and the soundtrack..and these stories? I really need to do a post on my obsession with this film. It's long over-due.

Yep! I'm gonna be having a Murder Mystery Party! Be looking for your invitation in the mail.  I have a feeling I'm going to have a difficult time trying to get people to attend this one though. It's an archaeological theme which kills two birds with one stone for me.

I loved this glass bead necklace. It's really long too and could/will double as bracelet.

Some have called this piece of sheet music my greatest garage sale find. When was the last time you listened to this song? Just try not to cry, I dare you.
Ah, somethings you just can't pass up...

"It's for the kids!" Actually, I got this for James. His response, "Uh, Money can't buy you friendship, Jena." (This is not a typo. He's never pronounced my name correctly.)

Then from the same garage where I found my phonograph cylinder last year, I found this No. 2 Brownie Box Camera for $1. It's from 1904. That happens to be the year that "Meet Me In St. Louis" takes place. I love that movie and know that this will make a great edition to my bookshelf. It's so interesting. The people at this sale were so friendly to me as well and remembered me when I revisited their sale later on in the day.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do with this bucket quite yet,...that is after I clean the worm guts out of it. Any suggestions as to how I could use it creatively?

Then, as I was walking back to my car, I noticed this was free. It has a new home now.
It could be the companion to Martin Crane's infamous recliner.
But I believe I've just found my next "before & after" project, which should be fun, because this will be my first ottoman!

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